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    SubjectLarge-file corruption. ReiserFS? VFS?
    I ran mkisofs (2.01a16) this morning on a 2.6.0-test4 machine with the
    target on a 60GB ReiserFS partition. The resulting file was to be
    just over 4GB (around 4,360,000,000 bytes), and during most of the
    course of writing the file, a small prefix looked as it should through
    a hexdump: that is, just part of the iso9660 directory.

    However, just as the write completed, the beginning of the file became
    corrupted. I considered a 4GB problem to be likely, and re-tested
    with fewer source files such that the result would be smaller than
    4GB; lo and behold, no corruption. The same result occurs whether
    mkisofs is given the -o flag, or output is redirected to a file from
    stdout using the shell's redirection facility, suggesting the problem
    is probably at the kernel level.

    I don't have a large enough ext2/3 filesystem to compare with, so
    there's no easy way for me to tell whether this is a Reiser-only
    problem or not. Can anyone confirm that they see the same problem, or
    whether they see a similar problem on another file system? Please
    feel free to ask me for any other information you think might be

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