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SubjectRe: x86, ARM, PARISC, PPC, MIPS and Sparc folks please run this

On Mon, 1 Sep 2003, Jamie Lokier wrote:

> Sam Creasey wrote:
> > bash-2.03# time ./jamie-test2
> > (2048) [10000,10000,0] Test separation: 8192 bytes: pass
> Mighty suspicious gettimeofday() you have there.
> > real 1m34.330s
> > user 1m30.030s
> > sys 0m4.070s
> Indeed, on other systems the test completes in a few seconds at most,
> not because of CPU speed, but because gettimeofday() returns high
> resolution time on them.
> Isn't there a way to read high resolution time on the 68020 Sun-3?

AFAICT, no. I've dug through the datasheets for the intersil RTC used, as
well as the NetBSD code, and SunOS headers, and it seems that we're stuck
with 1/100th second accuracy. Bummer.

-- Sam

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