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SubjectRe: dontdiff for 2.6.0-test4
>>>>> "JG" == Jeff Garzik <> writes:

JG> I stand corrected :) However, I think it's a tangent:

JG> dontdiff is a file that's useful precisely because of the form its
JG> in. So, as something that's proven itself useful to a bunch of people,
JG> I definitely think it has a home somewhere in Documentation/* It need
JG> not be referenced in any way by kbuild; that's not a big deal. The
JG> two really serve different purposes.

I do not think it is a tangent. While I am not opposed to ship
dontdiff under Documentation/* separately from the current
mrproper implementation in the Makefile, if these two should
name the identical set of paths, coming up with a scheme in
which humans have to maintain just a single source and derive
these two different usage from that single source would make
people's life easier. Two things that should be identical but
have to be kept in sync by hand is simply a maintenance

On the other hand, if there are paths that should be in dontdiff
that should not be cleaned by mrprper, or vice versa, then
keeping two separately and maintaining two independently would
absolutely makes sense. Are there such cases?

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