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    SubjectRe: IDE locking problem

    > It only works with default/legacy io bases.

    Which is all I care about in this specific situation. The "mediabay"
    hotswap controller is driven by ide-pmac, which provides it's own
    ide_init_hwif_ports() and ide_default_io_base() arch hooks. (In the
    PPC arch, those arch functions can be themselves hooked in by the
    actual platform code, on pmac, this goes to ide-pmac, though I also
    deal with added PCI cards).

    > > Also, look at my patch, we also _NEED_ to add some proper
    > > device_unregister calls to ide_unregister() or this function will
    > > leave dangling entries in the device list, and since those have the
    > > same restrictions as the new blk_cleanup_queue(), we really need to
    > > do that without the lock held.
    > Yes.

    That reminds me that without this fix, even ide-cs will break things
    when ejecting a CF card for example.

    > > I'd suggest merging my patch for now, it won't make things much
    > > worse than what they are today regarding racyness of IDE registration
    > > and unregistration, we an look into sanitizing this as a 2.7 goal.
    > Okay :\.

    Heh, thanks... Well... who else uses ide_unregister except ide-pmac and
    ide-cs anyway ? If it's really that little used, it's quite under control
    and we can try to clean it up a bit more then during early 2.6.0...

    Right now, I'm waiting to see what we can come up to with Jens Axboe
    regarding race-free teardown of the blk queue. Once that's agreed, we
    can think about just removing the call to init_hwif_data and just reinit
    the drive array ourselves. That would be a good thing anyway as the
    current ide_unregister allocation of a full hwif_t on stack is causing
    other problems (stack bloat typically, an issue with people trying to
    shrink the kernel process stack to 1 page).


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