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SubjectRe: [SHED] Questions.

Ian Kumlien wrote:

>I'll risk sounding like a moron again =)
>I still wonder about the counter intuitive quantum value for
>processes... (or timeslice if you will)
>Why not use small quantum values for high pri processes and long for low
>pri since the high pri processes will preempt the low pri processes
>anyways. And for a server working under load with only a few processes
>(assuming they are all low pri) would lessen the context switches.
>And a system with "interactive load" as well would, as i said, preempt
>the lower pris. But this could also cause a problem... Imho there should
>be a "min quantum value" so that processes can't preempt a process that
>was just scheduled (i dunno if this is implemented already though).
>Imho this would also make it easy to get the right pri for highpri
>processes since the quantum value is smaller and if you use it all up
>you get demoted.
>Anyways, I've been wondering about the inverted values in the scheduler
>and for a mixed load/server load i don't see the benefit... =P
>PS. Do not forget to CC me since i'm not on this list...

Search for "Nick's scheduler policy" ;)

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