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    SubjectRe: [RFC] extents support for EXT3

    I forgot the most important thing - I need vmstat output for all runs
    to anylize performing

    >>>>> Alex Tomas (AT) writes:

    AT> quite interesting result. could you help me to investigate that?
    AT> it would be great to go through following steps:
    AT> 1) create fresh ext3 fs
    AT> 2) mount it w/o extents option
    AT> 3) run dbench 16 for few times (say, 4)
    AT> make sure it performs on that filesystem (cd <mntpoint>; dbench -c ... 16)
    AT> 4) unmount fs
    AT> 5) recreate that fs
    AT> 6) mount it with extents option
    AT> 'EXT3-fs: file extents enabled' should be printed in logs
    AT> 7) run dbench 16 for few times
    AT> 8) unmount that fs and take a look in logs, you should see stats info about
    AT> extents usage

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