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    SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test4-mm2 didn't try to mount root
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > Helge Hafting <> wrote:
    >>test4-mm1 with the same config works on the same machine,
    >> and mounts root between "md: ... autorun DONE" and "Mounted devfs on /dev"
    >> Root is supposed to be on the raid array, which did come up.
    >> Lilo uses append="root=/dev/md/0".
    > Does reverting this fix it?
    Thanks, that did the trick. Seems this "no root" stuff
    didn't realize that I want a root after all.

    > This patch allows a person to not require mounting a root device at
    > This works idealy for people trying to use the initramfs/sysfs as the
    > filesystem.
    > What happens is that when the root device is set to 0,0 mount_root is
    > called.

    There is more than one way to specify a root, it seems. I never
    set any numbers for my root, I use the root=/dev/md/0 parameter
    to the kernel. I don't have any initramfs.

    Why don't those who want to keep an initramfs simply
    specify root=/dev/root which don't need extra parsing?

    Helge Hafting

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