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    SubjectRe: patches question
    On Wednesday 20 August 2003 12:33, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
    > On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:59:56 -0700 (PDT) Daniel Pezoa <>
    > | sorry but i think the faq is incomplete, i think
    > | useless for what i need too. It have incomplete
    > | answers and not links references for many important
    > | questions. May be should exist one list or forum
    > | dedicated to: Kernel, Kernel Patches, Kernel Modules,
    > | Kernel Drives and other about Kernel Development and
    > | Bugs Report.
    > The LKML FAQ hasn't been updated since:
    > "Last updated on 21 Nov 2002 by Richard Gooch.
    > This document is GPL'ed by its various contributors."
    > and Richard hasn't been heard from lately AFAIK.
    > I would have just guessed that the FAQ needs some updates...
    > Doesn't someone out there want a job?

    I've been meaning to give the FAQ a thorough going over for a while now.
    (Bits of it are a lot more stale than 2002.)

    I sent Richard a FAQ patch a month ago, which he hasn't responded to, but he
    claims to still be active:

    > > Okay, that link needs to go in the "basic linux kernel
    > > documentation" section at the start of the
    > > "" faq, along with some other resources that
    > > have fallen through the cracks. I'd happily generate a patch
    > > against the FAQ, but haven't a clue what the source format is. (Is
    > > it hand-hacked HTML?)
    > Yes. A plain uni-diff against the HTML will be fine. I'm busy these
    > days, so don't expect a quick response. But I will get around to it.
    > Regards,
    > Richard....

    I sent him the patch in question on July 17th, but haven't heard anything
    back. (I've been a bit out of touch in the past month myself getting back
    into grad school, buying a condo, moving, etc, and haven't followed up yet.)

    If Richard doesn't have time to do it anymore, and there are patches backing
    up, I could give it a whack. I'm not exactly dripping with free time myself
    at the moment, but I usually catch up with all the important pending things
    at least once a week. However, I don't want to usurp anybody's
    maintainership. (I was planning on possibly making my own tree and then
    feeding him incremental patches at whatever rate he responds...)


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