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    SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] Re: [patch] scheduler fix for 1cpu/node case
    > >AMD is 1 because there's no need to balance within a node, so I want the
    > >inter-node balance frequency to be as often as it was with just O(1).
    > > This interval would not work well with other NUMA boxes, so that's the
    > > main reason to have arch specific intervals.
    > OK, I misread the patch. IIRC AMD has 1 CPU per node? If so, why doesn't
    > this simply prevent balancing within a node?

    Yes, one cpu/node. Oh, it does prevent it, but with the current intervals, we
    end up not really balancing as often (since we need a inter-node balance),
    and when we call load_balance in schedule when idle, we don't balance at all
    since it's only a node local balance.

    > > And, as a general guideline, boxes with
    > >different local-remote latency ratios will probably benefit from different
    > >inter-node balance intervals. I don't know what these ratios are, but I'd
    > >like the kernel to have the ability to change for one arch and not affect
    > >another.
    > I fully appreciate there are huge differences... I am curious if
    > you can see much improvements in practice.

    I think AMD would be the first good test. Maybe Andi has some results on
    numasched vs O(1), which would be a good indication.
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