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    SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] Re: [patch] scheduler fix for 1cpu/node case

    Andrew Theurer wrote:

    >On Friday 22 August 2003 17:56, Nick Piggin wrote:
    >>Andrew Theurer wrote:
    >>>On Wednesday 13 August 2003 15:49, Bill Davidsen wrote:
    >>>>On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Andrew Theurer wrote:
    >>>>>Personally, I'd like to see all systems use NUMA sched, non NUMA systems
    >>>>>being a single node (no policy difference from non-numa sched), allowing
    >>>>>us to remove all NUMA ifdefs. I think the code would be much more
    >>>>That sounds like a great idea, but I'm not sure it could be realized
    >>>>short of a major rewrite. Look how hard Ingo and Con are working just to
    >>>>get a single node doing a good job with interactive and throughput
    >>>Actually it's not too bad. Attached is a patch to do it. It also does
    >>>multi-level node support and makes all the load balance routines
    >>>runqueue-centric instead of cpu-centric, so adding something like shared
    >>>runqueues (for HT) should be really easy. Hmm, other things: inter-node
    >>>balance intervals are now arch specific (AMD is "1"). The default
    >>>busy/idle balance timers of 200/1 are not arch specific, but I'm thinking
    >>>they should be. And for non-numa, the scheduling policy is the same as
    >>>it was with vanilla O(1).
    >>I'm not saying you're wrong, but do you have some numbers where this
    >>helps? ie. two architectures that need very different balance numbers.
    >>And what is the reason for making AMD's balance interval 1?
    >AMD is 1 because there's no need to balance within a node, so I want the
    >inter-node balance frequency to be as often as it was with just O(1). This
    >interval would not work well with other NUMA boxes, so that's the main reason
    >to have arch specific intervals.

    OK, I misread the patch. IIRC AMD has 1 CPU per node? If so, why doesn't
    this simply prevent balancing within a node?

    > And, as a general guideline, boxes with
    >different local-remote latency ratios will probably benefit from different
    >inter-node balance intervals. I don't know what these ratios are, but I'd
    >like the kernel to have the ability to change for one arch and not affect

    I fully appreciate there are huge differences... I am curious if
    you can see much improvements in practice.

    >>Also, things like nr_running_inc are supposed to be very fast. I am
    >>a bit worried to see a loop and CPU shared atomics in there.
    >That has concerned me, too. So far I haven't been able to see a measurable
    >difference either way (within noise level), but it's possible. The other
    >alternative is to sum up node load at sched_best_cpu and find_busiest_node.

    Hmm... get someone to try the scheduler benchmarks on a 32 way box ;)

    >>node_2_node is an odd sounding conversion too ;)
    >I just went off the toplogy already there, so I left it.
    >>BTW. you should be CC'ing Ingo if you have any intention of scheduler
    >>stuff getting into 2.6.
    >OK, thanks!

    Good luck with it. Definitely some good ideas.

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