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    SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test2-mm3 and mysql

    mysql doesn't start on this kernel. This is a x86, preempt, ext2/3, UP
    system. I get this in the mysql error log,

    030802 20:01:17 mysqld started
    030802 20:01:18 InnoDB: Error: the OS said file flush did not succeed
    030802 20:01:18 InnoDB: Operating system error number 5 in a file
    InnoDB: See for installation help.
    InnoDB: Look from section 13.2 at
    InnoDB: what the error number means or use the perror program of MySQL.
    InnoDB: Cannot continue operation.
    030802 20:01:18 mysqld ended

    I also did an strace of mysql trying to start and when I tried to copy
    the strace file to root's home I got some sort of IO error. I don't
    remember the error exactly but I decided to run at that point and
    rebooted. The file did seem to copy ok according to diff.

    BTW, CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y seems to make this kernel huge. I couldn't even
    install the sucker because I didn't have enough space for the modules.
    35 MB wasn't enough.

    One last thing, I have started seeing mysql database corruption
    recently. I am not sure it is a kernel problem. And I don't know the
    exact steps to reproduce it, but I think I started seeing it with
    -test2-mm2. I haven't ever seen db corruption in the 8-12 months I have
    being playing with mysql/php.

    None of these problems is critical for me (and they could be pilot
    error) but I thought I should point them out.



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