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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] O11int for interactivity
    On Friday 01 August 2003 12:44, Marc-Christian Petersen wrote:

    Hi William,

    > > Could you make sure that you're not using 1A? (vanilla 1 and 1B are
    > > both fine for these purposes).
    > > Also, can I get a before/after of the following during an mp3 skip test?
    > > vmstat 1 | tee -a vmstat.log
    > > n=1; while true; do /usr/sbin/readprofile -n -m /boot/`uname
    > > -r`
    > > | sort -k 2,2 > profile.log.$n; n=$(( $n + 1 )); sleep 1; done
    > > If you could stop the logging shortly after the skip in the kernel that
    > > does skip (but not _too_ shortly after, give it at least 1 second) I
    > > would be much obliged. The "before" picture is most important. An
    > > "after" picture might also be helpful, but isn't strictly necessary.
    > Sure, I'll test it this weekend (mostly tomorrow). Stay tuned.
    > Thanks for your interest in fixing this.

    Sorry, I was busy till now. Ok, now I have time. Well, but reading your mail
    again, you are interested in vmstat 1 if an mp3 skip occurs. I have to say,
    that I never ever got an mp3 skip with your tree (-wli1 I am using).

    and now? :)

    ciao, Marc

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