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    SubjectRe: [2.4 PATCH] bugfix: ARP respond on all devices
    On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 03:27:48PM -0400, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
    > On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 15:21, Andi Kleen wrote:
    > > On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 03:17:00PM -0400, Daniel Gryniewicz wrote:
    > > > On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 14:48, Andi Kleen wrote:
    > > > > In my experience everybody who wants a different behaviour use some
    > > > > more or less broken stateful L2/L3 switching hacks (like ipvs) or
    > > > > having broken routing tables. While such hacks may be valid for some
    > > > > uses they should not impact the default case.
    > > >
    > > > So, changing your default route is a "hack"? That's all that's
    > > > necessary. You can even do it with "route del/route add".
    > >
    > > Necessary to do what exactly?
    > Cause Linux to issue an arp request with a tell address not on the
    > interface sending the arp.

    I was merely talking about _answering_ ARP requests on all interfaces.

    What happens on outgoing active ARPs is a different thing. Reasonable
    choices would be either the prefered source address of the route or
    the local interface's address. I must admit I don't have a strong
    opinion on what the better behaviour of those is, but neither of them would
    seem particularly wrong to me.


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