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    SubjectRe: Centrino support
    >>>>> "Stephan" == Stephan von Krawczynski <>:
    Stephan> On Fri, 15 Aug 2003 16:46:19 -0400
    Stephan> Brandon Stewart <> wrote:

    >> I thought that this line of argument was due to FCC
    >> regulations. That is, software settings would allow the hardware to
    >> violate frequency or strength-of-signal limitations set by
    >> government regulations. This is only from memory, so feel free to
    >> correct.

    Stephan> I think I have read in an earlier thread something the like.
    Stephan> But I cannot understand how this can be logically linked to
    Stephan> releasing docs. If all companies would follow this thought
    Stephan> e.g. Siemens would never have released the docs for ISDN
    Stephan> chipsets and therefore no ISDN drivers would be in the
    Stephan> kernel. I'd rather say someone with money is afraid ...

    Yes, that sounds rather ridiculous. Sooner or later someone is going to
    reverse-engineer the thing, so not releasing drivers or specs just
    delays this moment. If there's a manager at Intel that thinks this way,
    he doesn't understand much about security.


    Stephan> Some political explosives are in this thread ...

    Politically, this sounds to me like an antitrust case against Intel and
    Microsoft handed on a platter. A major hardware manufacturer releases
    information and software only to one dominating software company, while
    locking out the others.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world of compromises. If I were RedHat, I'd
    stay real quiet and play nice in order to get Intel's cooperation on
    servers (which brings revenue) instead of fighting for laptops (which is
    a niche market for Linux, in a chicken-and-egg sort of way).

    It's rather sad.

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