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    SubjectRe: Centrino support
    On Fri, 2003-08-15 at 13:35, Jan Rychter wrote:

    > I keep dreaming about the day when I'll be able to have a modern laptop
    > with a stable Linux kernel. As for now, it has taken me (on one of my
    > laptops) about 1.5 years to get to a point where 2.4 works, most of my
    > hardware works, and software suspend (pretty much a requirement for
    > laptops) works. I'm not about to give that up easily, so I'm not that
    > eager to jump to 2.5/2.6.

    Can't say that's been my experience. I bought a new Thinkpad X31 the
    other day, and it's already running 2.6.0-test3. Suspend works, all's

    > 1. Will cpufreq make it into the standard 2.4 kernels?

    Highly unlikely.

    > 3. Where does one get 2.4 cpufreq?

    There are snapshots available at (hint: Google for
    "cpufreq"), or in -ac. See the cpufreq mailing list archives for a
    bunch of daemons that control this stuff in various semi-cooked ways.


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