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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] lirc for 2.5/2.6 kernels - 20030802

    > > I guess a) is okay. There are not *so* many remote controls out there.
    > I think more than one per card model. Other Kworld Card have different
    > remote than mine, as you can see on my homepage, my lircd.conf isn't one
    > of the ones in lirc remotes list.
    > > I guess thats okay; if I want decoder-that-decodes-anything, I need
    > > one that connects to serial port and has non-trivial configuration.
    > But I can't take a new tv card, plug it into my machine, start up,
    > configure the remote, and use xine.

    I actually want to "Take a new tv card, plug it into machine, start
    up, use xine", without configuring remote ;-).

    > Also, from user apps dev view, I think is more difficult to check for
    > input events knowing that every remote has different buttons, instead of
    > configure the .lircrc and use lirc_client for receive directly
    > software-commands.

    I think the right way is for application to just use buttons it knows
    about. We already have some multimedia buttons on keyboard and some
    more on remote...

    > We can drop /dev/lirc*, and use input events with received codes, but I
    > think that lircd is still needed to translate them into userland
    > commands...

    I believe we should be able to make it work without lircd, but input
    events with received codes is still better than current situation.

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