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    SubjectRe: Promise SATA 150 TX2 plus
    > Milan Roubal wrote:
    > >So other question - is there SATA controler that
    > >is working in linux multiple controlers (4 cards)
    > >and is for better bus than standart PCI? Like PCI-X or
    > >PCI 66 MHz like promise is?
    > >
    > >
    > Most current SATA cards aren't faster than 64/66. Heck many are
    > 32/66, or 64/33. The problem is most everyone other than 3ware's linux
    > drivers suck. I can't find a non raid SATA controller than works for me
    > under linux.

    Heh, bad news for me.

    > 3ware cards tend to max out a 64/33 solt around 6 drives for
    > sequential IO. (This will change in their next gen cards) You get much
    > better performance with two 8 port cards running 6 drives each than a
    > single 12 port card. Personally I recommend either 3ware raid10, or
    > linux software raid 5 if you're a performance junky.
    > Adaptec does have a new 4 port card sata raid card. It seems to work
    > well, and the driver on their cdrom includes around 30 precompiled
    > binaries for various RH, MDK, and Suse kernels. Source for the updated
    > aacraid driver is included. An interesting side note their cdrom seem
    > to run linux. (Yes they seem to provide source/patches for the various
    > gpl programs it uses.)
    > --
    > Once you have their hardware. Never give it back.
    > (The First Rule of Hardware Acquisition)
    > Sam Flory <>

    All this cards are RAID controllers, I want only SATA controlers and I am
    using software raid 5.
    I was using Promise TX2 controllers for PATA drives and it was working
    great, so I tried
    the SATA card from Promise too and it looks only troubles and troubles...
    Milan Roubal

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