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    SubjectRe: Promise SATA 150 TX2 plus
    Milan Roubal wrote:

    >So other question - is there SATA controler that
    >is working in linux multiple controlers (4 cards)
    >and is for better bus than standart PCI? Like PCI-X or
    >PCI 66 MHz like promise is?

    Most current SATA cards aren't faster than 64/66. Heck many are
    32/66, or 64/33. The problem is most everyone other than 3ware's linux
    drivers suck. I can't find a non raid SATA controller than works for me
    under linux.

    3ware cards tend to max out a 64/33 solt around 6 drives for
    sequential IO. (This will change in their next gen cards) You get much
    better performance with two 8 port cards running 6 drives each than a
    single 12 port card. Personally I recommend either 3ware raid10, or
    linux software raid 5 if you're a performance junky.

    Adaptec does have a new 4 port card sata raid card. It seems to work
    well, and the driver on their cdrom includes around 30 precompiled
    binaries for various RH, MDK, and Suse kernels. Source for the updated
    aacraid driver is included. An interesting side note their cdrom seem
    to run linux. (Yes they seem to provide source/patches for the various
    gpl programs it uses.)

    Once you have their hardware. Never give it back.
    (The First Rule of Hardware Acquisition)
    Sam Flory <>

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