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    SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] fbdev and power management
    On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 19:45, James Simmons wrote:
    > > My concern is that there has been:
    > > - 4 months of non-exposure of this work
    > > - 4 months of making the current system work
    > > - and putting it in will require a fair number of drivers to be
    > > re-worked.
    > >
    > > Apart from driver re-work and that the core interfaces are supposed to
    > > be stable, what are the technical arguments against merging it, say,
    > > today?
    > This is the reason I have waited.

    Those changes will only affect drivers, there is still need for
    some mecanism to deal with fbcon. I'll send you a patch before the
    end of the week hopefully. There may be a better way of doing it
    than my patch by having fbcon be someway a child of the HW driver
    in the device-tree, but it's a bit nasty right now, and my patch
    adds a more generic way to notify "clients" of fbdev's (like fbcon)
    of events at the low level that could be used for hotplug monitor
    change notification or whatever...


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