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Subject[PATCHKIT] 2.5.74 - seq_file conversion of /proc/net/atm
  here comes a first cut at the aforementioned subject. It is divided in
height parts for easier review/integration/flamefest:

1 - devices;
2 - utility and common code for vcs (vc/pvc/svc);
3 - pvc;
4 - svc;
5 - vc;
6 - arp;
7 - lec;
8 - final cleanup.

Each part includes a short description. It is possible to build after
1), 5), 6), 7), 8) (and probably more but it hasn't been tested).

Some testing has been done with a couple of uniprocessor systems:
- 1 behaves well with one or two iphase adapters in the same box;
- 3, 4, 5 doesn't crash and it even seems to display the right number
of vc. More testing to come;
- same comments apply for 6;
- 7 is completely untested. If somebody has typical scripts at hand for
a back-to-back lane configuration, he will be welcome.

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