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    SubjectRe: Feature proposal (scheduling related) -- conclusion
    On Tue, 29 Jul 2003 22:28:50 +0300,  said:

    > great, I had no idea of this potential. But what I propose is scheduling the
    > network traffic (at least the outgoing traffic that we can influence directly)
    > according to the process priority, not according to the traffic type (which is
    > important but different).

    So you want to use a number that controls the CPU scheduling to force the network
    scheduling to go along? That's a bad idea waiting to happen.

    (Hint - some program is getting CPU-starved for some reason, so you 'nice -2' it
    to make it run tolerably. Suddenly your icecast gets stomped on. Whoops)

    It's even worse if you're trying to use dynamic priorities - then your icecast
    can get pushed to the bottom of the network pile because some other process
    went super-interactive for a while...

    Remember - you're trying to optimize the "network experience" for the
    *connection*. Base it on the port numbers, or use the process's UID and run
    your program under a seperate UID, or maybe a PID-based scheme, with an ioctl()
    or /{proc,sys} based control....

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