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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ACPI patch which fixes all my IRQ problems on nforce2 -- linux-2.5.75-acpi-irqparams-final4.patch

    > > Sorry, there's still a kernel oops during bootup. I'll provide a kernel
    > > trace when I'm back at home.
    > >
    > > Regards, Al
    > I tried to dump the kernel messages onto my printer. Unfortunatly it
    > doesn't print anything, only with acpi=off.
    > This is somehow unconventional, but here's a link for a screenshot of
    > the trace. Sorry, one screen is missing but the messages were too fast
    > for my camera :) I can still recognize a lots of ......... on the
    > missing screen.

    Thats obviously either a bug in the ACPI parser, or a bug in the AML code of
    your BIOS. Can you send a copy of your /proc/acpi/dsdt.

    Oh er, as you can't boot it with ACPI, use to dump it in non-ACPI

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