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    SubjectRe: The Well-Factored 386
    though probably not always that enlightning as announced, I certainly would 
    not consider those artices 'off topic'. - i fact, despite i don't understand
    a word of those silly idiomatic texts, sometimes, i found the latest one
    quite interesting and, tightly reated to 'assembly' . any attempt to trying
    to documenting on the rsp. cpu should be regarded "on-topic", what else...!

    and, no #reader# (as opposed to some until now un-known, sort of 'maintainer')
    seems to have felt offended so there is no reason to that rude admonition.
    for instance, i would find those overly repeated, stupid questions about some
    obscure 'real mode' in linux (or for access to #the# graphic memory) much
    more annoying and accordinly "off topic" - if i would, at all.

    or, were you trying to cut down a bit on the tremendous traffic in this group?
    what a great relief...

    thanks + regards,


    David S. Miller am Montag, 28. Juli 2003 15:06:
    > On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 04:44:56 -0400
    > "Rick A. Hohensee" <> wrote:
    > > The four actual main modes of the 386
    > Please stop making off-topic postings. If you continue to do
    > so I will have to yank you from the lists at
    > and filter you from sending emails to the lists.
    > Thank you.
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