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SubjectRe: OT: Vanilla not for embedded?! Re: Kernel 2.6 size increase - get_current()?
Mike Fedyk wrote:
> Vanilla will be what people put into it. And I have seen more messages from
> embedded people complaining, than actually doing and submitting patches for
> merging.
> So the embedded trees are a deep fork huh? Did you or anyone else do
> anything to merge during 2.5?!
> And now you see why there is a "deep" fork...

Real-time stuff is a must - something like RTAI.
Things like Linux Trace Toolkit - soone or later you have to start
using them to tune performace.
Patches to remove mandatory (for 2.2/2.0) PCI/IDE support were pretty
common too.
Patch to shrink network hashes - norm of life.
Patch to kill PCI names database.
And this is only things I was using personally (and I remember about)
in my short 4 years carrier.

CONFIG_TINY - - got something like
this merged? - so I'm the first guy in the download queue on!

Kernel heavily tuned for servers and workstations (read - modern PCs).

At my previous position company was using kernel prepared by Karim
Yaghmour and right now we using kernels from MontaVista.
Far from vanillas.

> embedded people complaining

Sure complaining.
For some reasons all "improvements" to kernel had lead to increase of
kernel size, not decrease. Strange, isn't it?

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