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    SubjectRe: Posting format
    > > Can we all, please, at least do things like not repeatedly quoting the
    > > list's four-line signature, and not quoting things like .config files?
    > One more: don't answer to people directly, only thru the list.
    > It is quite annoying to receive the same message twice, especially if
    > on a flamewar...
    > Actually I was quite surprised to learn these rules aren't
    > followed here.

    No, that is not the etiquette on this list, please _don't_ break the
    CC list when replying - the FAQ particularly mentions this in section
    5.3. Breaking the CC list is very likely to reduce your chances of a
    reply from a lot of developers.

    The main reason for this is that as LKML is a high volume mailing
    list, a lot of developers will simply delete list mail unread if they
    are busy, assuming that anything that the poster really wanted them to
    see would be mailed directly to them, as well as to the list.

    Receiving the same message twice is generally a non-issue - the list
    is high-volume anyway, so the odd duplicate message won't use up that
    much extra bandwidth.

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