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SubjectRe: directory inclusion in ext2/ext3
On Thu, Jul 24, 2003 at 05:48:34AM +0200, Johannes Halmann wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 03:00:17 +0200 Mike Fedyk wrote:
> >> my idea of solving this is to have
> >> an inclusion directive in directory-files...
> >>
> >> has nobody ever felt the lack of such functionality??
> > What exactly does this help you to do?
> > What do you want to accomplish?
> hmm, i have a lot of huge files on different hard drives and wish to access
> them in a uniform fashion. i would like to sort ALL files in subdirectories
> but have no need for an LVM, RAID or similar. for example:
> /mnt/drive1/category1
> /mnt/drive1/category2
> /mnt/drive2/category1
> /mnt/drive2/category2
> (the data is so huge, that it is not possible to always merge categories on a
> single disk!)
> what i would like to do now is to be able to display all files of "cat1" and
> "cat2" respectively in "/mnt/union/category1" and "/mnt/union/category2". yet
> i don't wish to simply link the directories as this would complicate access
> with growing number of hard drives the data is spread on!
> it's a bit weird to explain, i hope it's understandable now :-)))

Yes, I understand a little better.

But it just looks more like a good use for LVM than before.

You don't want the redundancy of raid, and are always adding space, so LVM
should be perfect for you.

Just use a nice filesystem that resizes easily, (or even online (while
mounted, etc)), and you're set.

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