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    SubjectRe: time for some drivers to be removed?
    El Thu, 24 Jul 2003 13:50:48 -0400 (EDT) "Robert P. J. Day" <> escribió:

    > and in the end, while i know some folks don't think it's a big
    > deal, i think doing a "make allyesconfig" really should work.

    well, AFAIK "make allyesconfig" is a debug target; ie. it
    shouldn't be succesful from a developer point of view.

    I guess what you meant is if we want to say to final users
    "the driver for your hardware doesn't compile" or "your hardware isn't
    supported (unless you're a developer who wants to fix it)" in which case
    i'd say "yes"

    Or instead, "should make allyesconfig compile drivers marked as obsolete",
    where i'd also say "yes"

    But sadly i can't fix all those drivers so i'll stop whining and let the real
    developers do whatever they want ;)
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