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    SubjectRe: time for some drivers to be removed?
    Alan Cox wrote:

    > So someone coming from 2.4 can fix it when they need it. You can tag
    > such things with && OBSOLETE, we did that in 2.4.

    Is this something for the kernel config? Just below CONFIG_EXPERIMENTEL
    in the menu, add CONFIG_OBSOLETE. The 'make allyesconfig' and the like
    can ignore experimental and obsolete stuff.

    This would make a reasonable Q-requirement for 2.6.0 that at least the
    kernel compiles with 'make allyesconfig'. The only thing open is to
    decide what is obsolete and what not (and needs fix). That is not
    trivial. IMHO, Linus some time ago had a good statement about it, but it
    is somewhat hard to see how long something is broken from the code alone :-)

    If this is a good idea, I'll supply a patch for 2.6.0-something with at
    least some non-compiling stuff marked obsolete.



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