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SubjectRe: Scheduler starvation (2.5.x, 2.6.0-test1)
* Felipe Alfaro Solana <> [2003-07-23 00:30]:
> On Tue, 2003-07-22 at 19:28, Apurva Mehta wrote:
> > I usually run Opera and the skipping occurs often while switching
> > between tabs with the mouse (not when it is done with the keyboard).
> >
> > Also, severe xmms skipping occurs while scrolling through PDF files
> > (in Acrobat) while the first few seconds of a song are playing. The
> > song virtually stops while I scroll. After the song plays for a bit,
> > scrolling through a PDF makes no difference.
> >
> > Sometimes, xmms pops up in between songs saying that it could not
> > detect the audio device! This occurs mainly during heavy disk i/o or
> > cpu usage.
> Could you please test 2.6.0-test1-mm2 instead? It has additional
> scheduler fixes which should improve your overall experience.

I just patched my tree and compiled it. It does not work.. It freezes
the system when I try to start X.. I gives a huge error message and
the last line is something like :
<6>note: X[1306] exited with preempt_count 1

I checked all the logs and I cannot find the complete error message
anywhere. Any suggestions where to look?

I also had to set root=0307 instead of /dev/hda7 to make it boot. But
I guess that is unrelated to this issue..

- Apurva
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