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SubjectRe: [PATCH] cryptoloop
    From  Wed Jul  2 23:36:40 2003

> Now suppose one wants a large dev_t. Some people do.

<thumps table> 2.6 will support a large dev_t.

We need to make this happen.

Very well.

> Then several steps are needed. One of these steps
> is the addition of the mknod64 system call.
> That is a nice small isolated step - part of the necessary
> user space interface. It can be done independently of any
> other steps. It was submitted, but is not in the present
> kernel. Why not? I do not recall anybody pointing out problems.

This precisely illustrates my point.

mknod64() and several other dev_t patches (ext2 and ext3 support,
especially) have stalled in -mm for months. The reason why I have not
moved ahead with them is that I am waiting to see the rest of the work.

That is what they call a deadlock.
You asked a few times what parts could be submitted and I answered.

Because it could be that Al has different ideas, or that someone else gets
down and completes the work and wants to do it differently. I simply do
not know.

Neither do I. I just wait and see.

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