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    SubjectRe: networking bugs and
    On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 10:07:42AM -0700, Jan Rychter wrote:
    > It hasn't. The result is a system that works for you (and other active
    > developers), but not for everyone. As an example -- try running Linux on
    > a modern laptop, connecting some USB devices, using ACPI, or
    > bluetooth. Observe the resulting problems and crashes. You'll hit loads
    > of obscure bugs that have been reported, but never got looked at in
    > detail. I certainly have hit them and reported most, and most got
    > dropped in various places.

    What USB bugs have you reported that have gotten dropped?

    Note, a _lot_ of USB bluetooth devices are real flaky, not much the
    kernel can do about them :(

    greg k-h
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