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SubjectRe: networking bugs and
>>>>> "David" == David S Miller <> writes:
David> On Sat, 12 Jul 2003 10:07:42 -0700
David> Jan Rychter <> wrote:
>> Interesting you should think you're 'rewarding' people. I thought
>> your goal was to have fun working on cool software and making it
>> better. I also thought I had the same goal as a bug-reporter.
>> When I write software, I care about every bug report and consider
>> people doing the reporting a very valuable resource.

David> The whole game changes when you are stretched as thinly as I am.
David> Scaling becomes everything, and nitpicking through vague and
David> poorly composed bug reports is an absolute waste of my time as
David> networking subsystem maintainer.

Couldn't agree more. Especially after having benefited from your code so
much (starting back in the early sparc days...).

David> Having me pillage through a bug database is a poor use of my
David> time and capabilities. And all of my time is spent reviewing
David> patches and dealing with the properly composed bug reports
David> anyways, so even if I enjoyed pillaging through badly made bug
David> reports I couldn't.

David> People are assuming that just because _I_ don't want to work on
David> the bad bug reports that I think nobody should. It's the exact
David> opposite.

Thanks for this explanation -- I responded because I was worried you
were convincing people that it's a good thing if bug reports get
dropped, because the really important ones will float to the top anyway.

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