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    Subjectgenerate-modprobe question and USB fatal error during INIT:-resending
    For soem reason it looks like my first post did not go
    thru. I am sending this again. SOrry if it posts

    I unsubcribed from and subscribed
    with this address. Softhome did not give me enough

    Anyhow I think I know what the problem is? Its with
    the modprobe.conf.

    I updated both my mkinitrd and mod-utils with the aid
    of Paul Nasrat. I dunno if you know who he is.

    Anyhow when I run "generate-modprobe.conf >

    I see that the the sections for "usb-uhci" "mousedev"
    and "keybdev". Those are incorrect. They should be
    "uhci-hcd", "usbmouse" and "usbkbd". Once I changed
    the "usb-uhci" to "uhci-hcd" at least the usb
    installed ok but those changes I made for the mouse
    and keyboard still does not work.

    Is there something screwed up somewhere else?

    If I rerun "generate-modprobe.conf >

    Everything defaults back to "usb-uhci", "mousedev" and

    WHy I am not sure.

    Is there a fix for this to get the modprobe.conf to
    correlate to the new kernel modules?

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