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    Subjectcdrom blocksize reset bug with 2.4.x kernels

    After some discussion on the mplayer-users mailinglist about
    that for some scsi drives it's impossible to read a data cd
    after reading a vcd/scvd until the next reboot.

    I found that there is a reset of the cdrom block size needed
    for those drives which doesnt restet it themselfs if a new
    cd is put in (looks like only a few scsi cdroms are affected)

    Attached is a small patch for drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c that fixes
    this for the 2.4.20 kernel (and also for 2.4.21 as the code didn't
    change). It's reseting the blocksize when a cdrom is opened for
    the first time (meaning that a umount/mount cycle can reset
    the blocksize).

    I run this code now for about half a year and didnt have any problems.
    But, as i didnt get any feadback from other people, i'm not sure if
    everything is correct.

    Attila Kinali

    Emacs ist für mich kein Editor. Für mich ist das genau das gleiche, als wenn
    ich nach einem Fahrrad (für die Sonntagbrötchen) frage und einen pangalaktischen
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    -- Frank Klemm, de.comp.os.unix.discussion
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