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    SubjectVFAT Defragmentation under Linux

    I understand that the current file system drivers for the primary file
    system types have anti-fragmentation logic built into them already. (e.g.
    ext2/3 moves things around and such while the file system is mounted.)

    Do the VFAT drivers likewise defragment the VFAT partitions?

    If not, is there a Linux-hosted defragment program for defragmenting an
    unmounted VFAT partition?

    If such exists I have been unable to find it via normal network searches
    because the dos/windows tools raise the noise floor on "VFAT defragment" so
    high that no other refinements seem to hit.

    So far the only Linux-level defragment operation that I seem to have
    available for a VFAT partition is to mount the drive, cpio everything off of
    it, delete its contents, and then copy everything back. That's a little
    drastic and has obvious issues if you want to then boot that partition


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