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SubjectRE: sleep forever in ACPI mode S3
On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, Grover, Andrew wrote:

> > echo 3 > /proc/acpi/sleep
> > appears to work correctly on my IBM Thinkpad X20 -- except that it's
> > impossible to wake the machine back up.
> Does it start to come back but then not make it, or is it just
> unrevivifiable?

hard to tell, since the screen is off. nothing i do has any *visible*
effect on the machine.

> In any case, sleep/resume is a work in progress that won't work reliably
> in the near-term.

hence my question. is there anything i can do to help track down what's
happening? cf:

> > Is this a known problem? What keypresses are *supposed* to wake the
> > machine? I looked through the code, but it looks like we
> > punt off to the
> > ACPI firmware to do the actual sleep -- can anyone enlighten me on the
> > intended mechanism behind 'wake-from-sleep'?

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