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SubjectRe: networking bugs and
>    If people choose to file bugs in bugzilla as well, they'll still be
> processed by someone.
> Just so that someone can post them to the lists?
> That sounds like a completely silly way to operate.
> I'd rather they get posted to the lists _ONLY_.
> This way not that "someone", but "everyone" on the lists
> can participate and contribute to responding to the bug.
> The only way you can make things scale is if you throw a group
> of people into the collective of folks able to respond to a problem.

We can do that. The owner of a category can be a mailing list
(eg the bugme-janitors list for some of the categories).

> If it all gets filtered through by one guy, THAT DOES NOT WORK.
> That one guy limits what can be done, and when he's busy one day
> or he goes away on vacation for a while, the whole assembly
> line stops.

The idea is to spread it across categories (one person for each (or a few)
categories), but if you want to spread it around within a category that's
possible too.

> Therefore, please eliminate the networking category on
> and we'll process bug reports on the lists so that not _ONE_ but the
> whole community of networking developers can look at the bug.

No. If you don't want to participate, that's fine, but I'm not going
to prevent other people from doing so.

If you want me to forward the bugs to any given list, I'll do that.
If you want to just tell people to file them to a list, that's fine too.
But I won't destroy the generic model just because you don't like it.


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