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SubjectRE: [OT] Re: Troll Tech [was Re: Sco vs. IBM]
If Larry's implicit point, that there is no point and nothing to be learned
in listening to non-business-owners, is valid; should he not then have
taken his voice elsewhere, to a forum where the feedback would have come
from his chosen pool?

That is, shouldn't he have discussed his views on some business operators
mailing list instead of the kernel mailing list?

If it simply *had* to be presented here (possibly because his "original
point" seems to be that we open source losers are all a bunch of
un-innovative thieving scum set out to undermine his vision of free
enterprise) could he not, at a minimum, have prefaced his message with the
declarative disclaimer: I am saying my peace, and will not be interested in
the responses of people who don't run businesses.

That, at least, would have been an honest approach to the community he was

Otherwise it is just an example of Jerry Falwell (sp?) inviting himself to
the symposium on "AIDS in Africa" in the name of offering "a balanced
perspective on the heathen misdeeds of the sinful."

(ah... burr... was that _too_ cold? 8-)


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