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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: Troll Tech [was Re: Sco vs. IBM]
Larry McVoy wrote:
> Here's a suggestion: instead of arguing that you are right, prove it.
> Put your time where your theories and go start companies based on
> those theories and show up with all sorts of new things that you've
> built for pennies on the dollar compared to the commercial companies.
> I've suggested this before and I get "well, I don't want to run a
> company, I have no experience doing that, but you should run your
> company based on my untested theories".
> I'll start listening when you start doing. Until then, you are just
> flapping your gums. Flap away if it makes you feel good.

And it's clear you don't read our messages in this thread. You've
attributed an invented quote to me, then insulted me for something I
never said. How rude.

As I *have* said before in this thread: I *am* running a successful
business that supports multiple people; I have created profitable free
software products, and am putting R&D into new (and I think innovative)

Am I listed in the Fortune 500? No. That isn't my goal. It is possible
to be a success, and contribute to humanity, and grow a business,
WITHOUT megalomania.

Do I believe everything "free software advocates" preach? No.

Do I believe all the anti-copyright, anti-patent rhetoric? No.

Do I believe that you can sell custom software development and services
based on free software? Yes, because I do just that.

I think you disagree because it pleases you to do so; obviously, you
have no read my prior messages, since you invent a quote above to

Scott Robert Ladd
Coyote Gulch Productions (
Professional programming for science and engineering;
Interesting and unusual bits of very free code.

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