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Subjecttop stack users for 2.5.73
44 functions for 2.5.67.
45 functions for 2.5.68
41 functions for 2.5.69
36 functions for 2.5.70
32 functions for 2.5.71
29 functions for 2.5.73

Mostly harmless. :)

Five functions dropped below the threshold of 1k, two grew a bit above
it. Most functions tended to loose a couple of bytes, so in general
there was some improvement.

P 0xc0204c1b presto_get_fileid: sub $0x116c,%esp
P 0xc020378b presto_copy_kml_tail: sub $0x1018,%esp
0xc07ffd83 ide_unregister: sub $0x95c,%esp
0xc07699bb w9966_v4l_read: sub $0x81c,%esp
0xc0c8096b snd_emu10k1_fx8010_ioctl: sub $0x818,%esp
0xc0c25a57 snd_cmipci_ac3_copy: sub $0x7a4,%esp
0xc0c25ffb snd_cmipci_ac3_silence: sub $0x79c,%esp
0xc029b90b dohash: sub $0x5c4,%esp
0xc0105543 huft_build: sub $0x5b0,%esp
0xc01070d3 huft_build: sub $0x5b0,%esp
0xc0107f27 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x538,%esp
0xc0106387 inflate_dynamic: sub $0x528,%esp
0xc0c7c5b3 snd_emu10k1_add_controls: sub $0x4dc,%esp
0xc01fb563 presto_ioctl: sub $0x4cc,%esp
0xc0c9d2cf snd_trident_mixer: sub $0x4a4,%esp
0xc0106217 inflate_fixed: sub $0x490,%esp
0xc0107dbb inflate_fixed: sub $0x490,%esp
0xc081319b ide_config: sub $0x47c,%esp
0xc0534693 parport_config: sub $0x460,%esp
0xc0abbccf ixj_config: sub $0x460,%esp
0xc0e39d03 gss_pipe_downcall: sub $0x42c,%esp
0xc0a16c73 isd200_action: sub $0x428,%esp
0xc03f9ce3 sha512_transform: sub $0x418,%esp
0xc06d7053 arlan_sysctl_info: sub $0x414,%esp
0xc035b51b ciGetLeafPrefixKey: sub $0x410,%esp
0xc163bc9f root_nfs_name: sub $0x408,%esp
0xc03e96b3 befs_error: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc03e96ff befs_warning: sub $0x400,%esp
0xc03e974b befs_debug: sub $0x400,%esp


"Security vulnerabilities are here to stay."
-- Scott Culp, Manager of the Microsoft Security Response Center, 2001
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