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    SubjectRe: Which driver for the 3C940 / 3C2000?

    Karim wrote:
    > Jurgen Kramer wrote:
    > > I am a bit confused about which driver a need for my onboard (Asus
    > > P4C800 mobo) 3Com gigabit Ethernet controller. It should be a 3C940 but
    > > sometimes it's called 3C2000. I found a driver at the asus site which
    > > compiles and works with some kernel versions. Is there a proper (open
    > > source) kernel driver for this chip? It seems that the tg3 driver
    > > support some type of 3C940 but not mine.
    > >
    > > lspci -n gives:
    > >
    > > 02:05.0 Class 0200: 10b7:1700 (rev 12)
    > >
    > > This chip is also currently not defined in pci_ids.h (2.4 and 2.5)
    > I've got a P4C800DX-2.4GH-HT and have run into similar issues. I tried

    I have similar setup.

    > using the 3C2000 driver shipped by ASUS on their "driver" CD, but that was
    > a weird experience. The driver built and installed fine with the SMP
    > kernel shipped with RedHat9. HOWEVER ... I could browse some web sites
    > and not others (I'm still trying to figure out how this could be ...)
    > Somehow, I could point konqueror to,,,
    >,, etc. and see the pages, but I was unable to visit,
    >, or I couldn't imagine this being a driver problem, so I
    > tried all sorts of different things, but still had this weird behavior. Finally, I
    > decided to put an 8139 with the same config, and that worked right away ... !?!


    > During my research about the 3C2000, I discovered that the driver
    > shipped with the board is actually a variant of the code in
    > drivers/net/sk98lin, with modified printks to display 3Com text instead of
    > SysKonnect information:
    > ...

    Yep, its a SysKonnect chip.

    > And it goes on for CNET and Linksys. Apparently, all these devices rely
    > on the same core. However, a trivial adding of the appropriate vendor ID
    > and device ID to the sk98lin in 2.4.21 resulted in an ooops at load time,
    > so it isn't as straight forward as I would have liked it to be ...

    Problem is rather that the drivers in the kernel really outdated.

    > It'd be nice that the sk98lin driver already in Linux be modified to add
    > support to the 3C940, albeit without the browsing weirdness ...

    You can find the latest SysKonnect driver here:

    It is only for 2.2 and 2.4 though.

    I have 'ported' the latest version (6.10) and a previous version or two
    to 2.5, but I had similar issues as you .... I could ping the boxen on
    my network, but cannot ssh for instance - basically its as if it only
    do icmp and rarely actually send/receive other data.

    I have also mailed SysKonnect, but they told me to speak to 3COM :/

    Anyhow, if somebody want my efforts in the 2.5 port to get it working,
    ask. I however do not have time to struggle with it currently.



    Martin Schlemmer

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