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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.72 O(1) interactivity bugfix
On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 10:43, Con Kolivas wrote: 
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi Ingo, all
> While messing with the interactivity code I found what appears to be an
> uninitialised variable (p->sleep_avg), which is responsible for all the
> boost/penalty in the scheduler. Initialising this variable to 0 seems to have
> made absolutely massive improvements to system responsiveness under load
> and completely removed audio skips up to doing a make -j64 on my uniprocessor
> P4 (beyond which swap starts being used), without changing the scheduler
> timeslices. This seems to help all 2.4 O(1) based kernels as well. Attached
> is a patch against 2.5.72 but I'm not sure about the best place to initialise
> it.

Applying this ontop of 2.5.72-mm1 causes more xmms/mpg321/ogg123
skipping than with plain -mm1 here. make -j20 on my up athlon 1900+ with
512M ram causes extreme skipping until the make is killed. With plain
-mm1 I may get _one_ skip at the very begining of a song during make
-j20 (about 50% of the time). Plain -mm1 stops skipping after 10-15 sec
of playback of a song, and even switching desktops after that doesnt
cause skips, with or without make -j20 running (switching to/from
desktops with apps like mozilla, evolution etc. will cause skips during
the first 10-15 sec of a song regardless what I do it seems).

Renicing xmms to -15 doesnt change anything with either kernel.


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