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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.5.71

    Well some of us older cranky meatballs out here like the old school of
    pre-BK! Pretend it is sex and do it more often :-)

    Andre Hedrick
    LAD Storage Consulting Group

    On Sat, 14 Jun 2003, Linus Torvalds wrote:

    > I think I'll call this kernel the "sticky turtle", in honor of that
    > historic "greased weasel" kernel, and as a comment on how sadly dependent
    > I've become on the daily BK snapshots. It's been too long since 2.5.70.
    > I'll do better, I promise. While most developers happily use either the
    > daily snapshots or the BK tree itself, not everybody does, and a lot of
    > users want "real releases".
    > There's nothing hugely interesting here, but Al Viro ha sbeen cleaning up
    > the tty layer, and Stephen Hemminger has been fixing up some network
    > device alloc/free issues with the help of various people.
    > And obviously there are the normal usb/pcmcia/sound/architecture updates.
    > With driver models and networking thrown in as a bonus.
    > Linus
    > ---
    > Summary of changes from v2.5.70 to v2.5.71
    > ============================================
    > Adrian Bunk:
    > o kbuild: [PATCH] document modules_install in "make help"
    > o [wan lmc] remove 2.0.x-era code
    > o SECURITY_ROOTPLUG must depend on USB
    > Alan Cox:
    > o [netdrvr tlan] fix 64-bit issues
    > Alan Iwi:
    > o Missing magic number
    > Alan Stern:
    > o USB: fix address assignment after device reset
    > o USB: Don't allocate transfer buffers on the stack in hub.c
    > o USB: Rename static functions in hub.c and increase timeouts
    > o USB: Make hub.c DMA-aware
    > Alexander Viro:
    > o callout removal: ircomm_tty
    > o tty_driver refcounting
    > o Fix sound lockup - missing chardev init
    > o procfs bug exposed by cdev changes
    > o Fix disk partitioning with multiple IDE disks
    > o >minor_shift removal
    > o [NET]: Eliminate {init,register,unregister}_fcdev
    > o [NET]: Eliminate init_hippi_dev and {un,}register_hipdev
    > o [NET]: Convert most tokenring drivers away from
    > {init,register,unregister}_trdev, only ibmtr remains
    > o [NET]: Eliminate init_fddidev
    > o [NET]: Move sk98lin driver away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Move 3c509 driver away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Move sunqe.c driver away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Move bmac.c away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Convert USB drivers away from init_etherdev()
    > Alexey Kuznetsov:
    > o tcp_output.c, tcp.c, tcp.h
    > Andi Kleen:
    > o Work around gcc 3.3 bug on amd64 in binfmt_elf.c
    > o Make spinlock debugging compile on x86-64
    > o x86-64 merge
    > Andreas Schultz:
    > o I2C: fix unsafe usage of list_for_each in i2c-core
    > Andrew Morton:
    > o truncate and timestamps
    > o fix typo in coda
    > o Fix suspend with pccardd running
    > o fix oops on resume from apm bios initiated suspend
    > o export mmu_cr4_features to modules
    > o [VISWS] irqreturn_t conversion
    > o Fix CONFIG_PROCFS=n
    > o zoran user-pointer fix
    > o irq balance logic fix
    > o kill lock_kernel() in inode_setattr()
    > o i2o memleak comment
    > o write_one_page() fixlets
    > o speed up the unlink speedup
    > o Remove unneeded fcntl check
    > o unregister_netdev cleanups
    > o support 64 bit pci_alloc_consistent
    > o svcsock use-after-free fix
    > o Fix writev when a segment generates EFAULT
    > o Fixes trivial error in
    > o [NET]: Convert rtnl_lock/register_netdevice/rtnl_unlock to
    > register_netdev
    > o fix generic_file_write()
    > o magazine layer for slab
    > o Additional fields in slabinfo
    > o initialise vma->vm_next in do_mmap_pgoff()
    > o More irq balance fixes
    > o dirty_writeback_centisecs fixes
    > o Copy nanosecond stat values for i386
    > o Some subarch warning fixes
    > o MTD build fix
    > o improved core support for time-interpolation
    > o ext3: fix for blocksize < PAGE_CACHE_SIZE
    > o /proc/kcore fixes
    > o remove 16-bit pid assumption from ipc/sem.c
    > o fix broken networking
    > o [NET]: Fix broken cleanups in net/core/iovec.c
    > o aio: small cleanups
    > o clean up timer interpolation code
    > o radio-cadet.c: remove unnecessary copy_to_user()
    > o cmpci: fix improper access to userspace
    > o zr36120: fix improper access to userspace
    > o remove unsafe BUG_ON()
    > o pnpbios dereferencing user pointer
    > o fix bw-qcam.c bad copy_to_user
    > o Graceful failure in devfs_remove()
    > o Fix generic_file_write() again
    > o reiserfs option parser fix and ability to pass
    > o reiserfs support for blocksizes other than 4096 bytes
    > o hugetlbfs: mount options and permissions
    > o DEADLINE: hash removal fix
    > o ext3: fix deadlock in journal_create()
    > o kmalloc_percpu: interface change
    > o per-cpu support inside modules (minimal)
    > o IRQs: handle bad return values from handlers
    > o IRQs: fix up irq_desc initialisation for non-ia32
    > o force_successful_syscall_return()
    > o fix wobbly /proc/stat:btime
    > o Console blanking fix
    > o Console privacy for braille users
    > o Fix tty devfs mess
    > o misc fixes
    > o cs423x fixes
    > o remove get_current_user()
    > o remove triggerable BUG() from de_thread
    > o Don't let processes be scheduled on CPU-less nodes (1-3)
    > o DAC960 fix for fibre channel transfer rate
    > o /proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes
    > o loop: remove the balance_dirty_pages() call
    > o Fix build for CONFIG_KALLSYMS=n
    > o ppc64: fixup for family/sk_family rename
    > o Fix the build with !CONFIG_PROC_FS
    > o common 32-bit ioctl code
    > o ioctl32 cleanup: sparc64
    > o x86_64: use common ioctl code
    > o remove_proc_entry() fix
    > o JFFS_PROC_FS must depend on JFFS_FS
    > o fix apic handling for NUMA-Q
    > o cleanup conditionals in summit subarch
    > o provide bus to node mapping for Summit
    > o rocket.c: devfs fix
    > o add bootmem failure warning
    > o eventpoll: fix possible use-after-free
    > o Remove DRM ioctls for common compat ioctl code
    > o fix possible busywait in rtc_read()
    > o fix discontig with 0-sized nodes
    > o fix TARGET_CPUS inconsistency
    > o update MAINTAINERS for Compaq drivers
    > o optimize fixed-sized kmalloc calls
    > o fix scheduler bug not passing idle
    > o fix numa meminfo
    > o fix oops in driver/serial/core.c
    > o fix hangs with nfs to localhost
    > o devfs_mk_dir() fix
    > o cpqarray.c: fix stack usage
    > o dirty bit clearing on s390
    > o drivers/char/mem.c cleanup
    > o irq_cpustat cleanup
    > o MAINTAINERS: Compaq->HP
    > o loop: file use highmem
    > o loop: make bio_copy private to loop
    > o loop: loop bio renaming
    > o loop: copy bio not data
    > o loop: remove an IV
    > o loop: remove LO_FLAGS_BH_REMAP
    > o loop: remove blk_queue_bounce
    > o loop: copy_bio use highmem
    > o loop: don't lose PF_MEMDIE
    > o tmpfs: shmem_file_write EFAULT
    > o tmpfs: swapoff-truncate race
    > o tmpfs: misc fixes
    > o cleanup seqfile usage in resource.c
    > o x25 facilities parsing fix
    > o eicon usercopy fix
    > o intermezzo symlink fix
    > o mdc800 usercopy fix
    > o mpu401 usercopy fix
    > o emu10k1 memleak fix
    > o rio memleak fix
    > o fix resource leak in i810 driver
    > o tioclinux() numbers in <linux/tiocl.h>
    > o fix writeback for dirty ramdisk blockdev inodes
    > Andries E. Brouwer:
    > o isa_writeb args interchanged
    > o scsi: ten -> use_10_for_rw / use_10_for_ms
    > Andy Grover:
    > o ACPI: fix extra semicolon (Pavel Machek)
    > o ACPI: Trivial name init patch (Bjorn Helgaas)
    > o ACPI: Disable ACPI sleep on SMP systems (Pavel Machek)
    > o ACPI: Add access checking (Andi Kleen)
    > o ACPI: Add ACPI PCI Subdriver. This enables acpiphp to work again.
    > (Matthew Wilcox)
    > o ACPI: Implement PCI Domain support (Matthew Wilcox)
    > Anton Blanchard:
    > o ppc64: comment fix from Milton Miller
    > o ppc64: Fix problem creating zImage/zImage.initrd multiples times
    > from Bryan Logan
    > o ppc64: clean up SLB reload code and remove some unnecessary isyncs
    > o ppc64: fix compile warnings
    > o ppc64: fix misreporting of unhandled IRQs in xics IPI
    > o ppc64: cleanup some hardcoded constants
    > o ppc64: replace MAX_PACAS with NR_CPUS
    > o ppc64: Fix a bad shift against PCI_BASE_CLASS_BRIDGE from Will
    > Schmidt
    > o ppc64: fix for boot cpu > 31
    > o ppc64: Report cpus > 32 in proc/cpuinfo correctly
    > o ppc64: merge conflicts
    > o compat_wait4 fix
    > o ppc64: Always pass non segment faults on the 0xc region up to
    > do_page_fault
    > o ppc64: Add some branch prediction
    > o ppc64: remove ioperm
    > o ppc64: threaded coredump support
    > o ppc64: fix copy_from_user leak, from Milton Miller
    > o ppc64: Add warning for unhandled irqs
    > o ppc64: remove sys32.S
    > o ppc64: ppc64 update
    > o ppc64: copy_tofrom_user exception handling fix from Paul Mackerras
    > o ppc64: kcore support
    > o ppc64: Increase maximum allocation size to 16MB for largepage
    > support
    > o ppc64: FORCE_MAX_ZONEORDER is actually order + 1, from Dave Gibson
    > o ppc64: fix compile error introduced in threaded coredump patch
    > o fix matroxfb compile on ppc64]
    > o ppc64: Call setup_kcore later in boot, we call kmalloc from it
    > o ppc64: cputable support from Will Schmidt
    > o ppc64: use an initcall to register ras irqs
    > o update ppc64 MAINTAINERS entry
    > o ppc64: forgot to add this in the cputable merge
    > o ppc64: Fix overallocation of NUMA bootmem bitmap and fix for NUMA
    > kernels on non NUMA boxes
    > o ppc64: Fix for multiple zone 0 regions on many ppc64 NUMA boxes
    > o ppc64: Fix ppc64 build
    > o ppc64: Update BUG handling based on ppc32
    > o ppc64: use common 32bit ioctl code
    > o ppc64: K&R to ANSI style conversions from Steven Cole
    > o ppc64: copy_tofrom_user fix from Paul Mackerras
    > o ppc64: various fixes to sys32_sysinfo, from Will Schmidt
    > o ppc64: Rework inline syscall macros, fix clobbers & gcc3.3 from
    > Franz Sirl
    > o ppc64: rework user access functions
    > Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:
    > o wanrouter: fix bug introduced by latest namespace fix
    > o net: abstract access to struct sock ->flags
    > o USB drivers: initialize struct usb_driver ->owner field
    > o drivers/usb/media/ibmcam: remove MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT
    > o drivers/usb/media/konicawc: remove MOD_{DEC,INC}_USE_COUNT
    > o drivers/usb/media/ultracam: remove MOD_{INC,DEC}_USE_COUNT
    > o n_hdlc: CodingStyle cleanups and removal of old stuff
    > o net: reduce the data dependency of struct sock/struct tcp_tw_bucket
    > o net: create struct sock_common and use in struct sock & tcp_tw_bucket
    > o list.h: improve hlist
    > o udpv6: use the right struct sock when testing if it is PF_INET6 family
    > Art Haas:
    > o C99 patches for fs/
    > o C99 struct initializers for kernel files
    > Bart De Schuymer:
    > o [BRIDGE]: Remove unnecessary code in br_input
    > o [NETFILTER]: Fix ARPT_INV_MASK in arp_tables.h
    > Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
    > o allow "hdX=scsi" for modular scsi/ide-scsi
    > o kill "hdX=noremap"
    > o fix two IDE list_head problems
    > o create /proc/ide/hdX/capacity only once
    > o kill recreate_proc_ide_device()
    > o switch ide to taskfile IO
    > Ben Collins:
    > o Update IEEE1394 (r939)
    > o USB Multi-input quirk
    > o Update IEEE1394 (r946)
    > o [SPARC64]: Final image strip not to strip too much
    > o USB: fix keyboard leds
    > o Register scsi devices after naming them
    > o Update IEEE1394 (r952)
    > Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
    > o [SUNGEM]: Fix gcc3.3 warnings
    > o Nuke check_highmem_ptes()
    > Bruce D. Elliott:
    > o [SPARC64]: Fix transmit handling in sunsab.c serial driver
    > Bruce Fields:
    > o gss_marshal and gss_validate depend on gss_cred_get_ctx never
    > returning NULL; but gss_refresh depends on gss_cred_get_ctx
    > returning NULL whenever the cred is not up to date. So, I replaced
    > the single gss_cred_get_ctx by a gss_cred_get_ctx and a
    > gss_cred_get_uptodate_ctx.
    > o add handling of the new CTXPROBLEM and CREDPROBLEM RPCSEC_GSS
    > errors
    > o Add a "protocol: udp/tcp" line so that gssd can use the same
    > protocol for null calls that was specified in the mount options.
    > o I believe we need to set a timeout before doing the sleep in
    > gss-upcall
    > o allow gssd to communicate failure to initialize contexts back to
    > the kernel, so the kernel can return -EACCES when a user lacks
    > credentials, instead of just hanging until they kinit.
    > o This makes several changes to the gss upcalls
    > o Trivial; I kept forgetting what each of the xdr_netobj's passed to
    > the gss-api routine meant, so I thought I'd fool with the argument
    > names in an effort to make them more helpful.
    > o Trivial fix for a typo in fs/nfs/nfs4state.c
    > Chas Williams:
    > o [ATM]: lane and mpoa module refcounting and locking cleanup
    > o [ATM]: HE driver coding style conformance
    > o [ATM]: HE driver misc irq handler cleanups
    > o [ATM]: Move rategrid off stack in HE driver
    > o [ATM]: more cleanup in HE driver
    > Chris Wright:
    > o lsm: Early init for security modules (1/4)
    > o lsm: Remove task_kmod_set_label hook (2/4)
    > o lsm: Remove inode_permission_lite hook (3/4)
    > o lsm: setfsuid/setgsuid bug fix (4/4)
    > Christoph Hellwig:
    > o acpi serial stuff
    > o kill register_pccard_driver
    > o give ->proc_info a struct Scsi_Host * parameter
    > o PPC32: Syscall cleanups
    > o [NET]: Switch lanmedia driver to initcalls
    > o [NET]: Remove sdla from setup.c
    > o [SPARC64]: Kill sys_aplib
    > o use second arg to scsi_add_host in usb storage
    > o fix scsi_register_host abuse in usb scanner drivers
    > o driver model for scsi upper drivers, take 2
    > o LDM-based scsi host lookup
    > o switch /proc/scsi/scsi to seq_file and proper device model
    > o kill scsi_host_get_next
    > o kill remaining direct uses of scsi_register_host
    > o fix signal.h compilation on PPC
    > o [NET]: Move dmascc away from setup.c
    > o [NET]: Fix non-modular sdla.c build
    > o [NET]: Kill useless/wrong Version line from net/core/dv.c
    > o [NET]: net/core/dst.c typo
    > o [NET]: Fix coding style in net/core/filter.c
    > o [NET]: Fix coding style in net/core/iovec.c
    > o [NET]: Convert ppc early-init drivers to initcalls
    > o [NET]: Fix accidental revert of init_etherdev killing in PPC net drivers
    > o [NET]: Convert skfp over to initcalls, kill fddi cruft from Space.c
    > Daniele Bellucci:
    > o USB: replaced BKL in rio500.c
    > Dave Engebretsen:
    > o [netdrvr pcnet32] bug fixes
    > Dave Jones:
    > o AM53C974 request region
    > o [AGPGART] Compilation fix
    > o [AGPGART] Remove useless early agp_init() from i810fb agp_init()
    > just printk's a banner. This is unnecessary at this early stage.
    > o [AGPGART] Yet another missed typedef compile fix
    > o [AGPGART] Report fixing of errata, and add missing printk stuff
    > (\n's, KERN_INFO, PFX)
    > o [AGPGART] Kill useless printk in frontend
    > o [AGPGART] Missing printk levels
    > o [CPUFREQ] Make powernow-k7 leap big buildings^Wranges
    > o [CPUFREQ] kill cpufreq_driver export
    > o [CPUFREQ] Kill unused variables
    > o [CPUFREQ] CodingStyle fixes
    > o [CPUFREQ] Fix ACPI P-State driver
    > o [CPUFREQ] missing export powernow-k7 needs dmi_broken
    > o [AGPGART] Add webpage link
    > o [CPUFREQ] Fix documentation filename
    > o [CPUFREQ] Add Athlon to list of supported cpufreq drivers
    > o [CPUFREQ] sysfs moved some files around. update documentation to
    > reflect reality
    > o Cset exclude:
    > o [CPUFREQ] Merge Jeremy's Centrino speedstep driver
    > o [CPUFREQ] Move old speedstep driver to speedstep-ich
    > o [AGPGART] Some Intel chipsets were using the wrong masks
    > o [CPUFREQ] speedstep docu clarification
    > Dave Kleikamp:
    > o Update JFS team members in jfs.txt
    > o JFS: i_acl & i_default_acl are not being re-initialized
    > o JFS: resize fixes
    > o JFS: add back read_inode super_operation
    > David Brownell:
    > o USB: ethernet "gadget", rx overflows happen
    > o USB: kerneldoc for gadget API
    > o PCI: pci pool, poison more like slab code
    > o USB: usb/core/devio: identify process
    > o USB: net2280 patch: control-out fix, minor cleanups
    > o USB: ohci-hcd, remove FIXME
    > David Gibson:
    > o Update orinoco driver to 0.13e
    > David Mosberger:
    > o fix TCP roundtrip time update code
    > o allow thread_info to be allocated as part of task_struct
    > o [TG3]: Workaround 4g DMA bug more portably
    > David S. Miller:
    > o [NET]: One too many IRQ_HANDLED added to sunqe.c driver
    > o [IPV4/IPV6]: Use Jenkins hash for fragment reassembly handling
    > o [IPV6]: Input full addresses into TCP_SYNQ hash function
    > o [IPV4]: Add sysctl to control ipfrag_secret_interval
    > o [IPV6]: Fix typo in defragmentation changes
    > o [TCP]: Do not access inet_sk() of a time-wait bucket
    > o [SPARC64]: Fix probe error handling in envctrl.c driver
    > o [SPARC64]: Fix probe error handling in bbc_{envctrl,i2c}.c driver
    > o [SPARC64]: Do not export {un,}register_ioctl32_converstion twice
    > o [NET}: Fix typo in sock_set_flag changes
    > o [ATM]: Fix driver Makefile clean-files
    > o [SPARC64]: Fix sys_shmat handling for 64-bit binaries
    > o [XFRM]: Handle use_time expiration properly
    > o [SOUND]: Revert buggy ALSA merge ioctl32 changes
    > o [SOUND]: vx/vx_core.c needs linux/init.h
    > o [SOUND]: Fix sparc cs4231 driver build due to pcm list changes
    > o [SPARC64]: Update defconfig
    > o [NET]: Kill PTI fddi driver, never completed and no plans to finish
    > o [NET]: Fix CONFIG_HIPPI build
    > o [NET]: Fix typos in init_trdev changes to lanstreamer.c
    > o [NET]: Eliminate {init,register,unregister}_trdev()
    > o [NET]: Eliminate init_etherdev usage from arch/um drivers
    > o [IPV6]: In ipv6_add_dev dont call __ipv6_regen_rndid without
    > initial reference held
    > o [NET]: Use INIT_LIST_HEAD in arch/um/drivers/net_kern.c
    > o [NET]: Typo in iph5527.c driver changes
    > o [NET]: Use INIT_LIST_HEAD correctly in arch/um/drivers/net_kern.c
    > o [IPSEC]: {esp,ah} --> {esp4,ah4}
    > o [NET]: Move arch/cris drivers away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Convert ia64 simeth.c away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Convert PPC 8260_io/enet.c away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Convert PPC 8260_io/fcc_enet.c away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Convert PPC 8xx_io/enet.c away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Convert PPC 8xx_io/fec.c away from init_etherdev()
    > o [NET]: Actually apply Al's sunqe.c changes
    > o [NET]: Fix thinkos in PPC 8260_io/fcc_enet.c changes
    > o [PCI]: Move pci_remove_bus_device back to include/linux/pci.h,
    > discussed with
    > o [NET]: Kill drivers/net/setup.c, it no longer does anything
    > o [IPSEC]: Implement xfrm type module autoloading
    > o [NET]: Some stuff missed during acme's struct sock cleanup
    > o [NET]: Missing __KERNEL__ ifdefs in linux/{tcp,udp}.h
    > o [SCTP]: Kill unused local variable in init_sctp_mibs
    > o [NET]: Process hotplug list in FIFO order
    > o [NET]: Fix typo in neigh_sysctl_unregister changes
    > o [LLC]: Fix typing error in procfs code
    > David Stevens:
    > o [IGMP]: Make sock_alloc_send_skb calls non-blocking
    > David van Hoose:
    > o Fix compilation errors in ppa and imm modules
    > David Woodhouse:
    > o MTD and JFFS2 update
    > o Final cleanups for MTD merge
    > o Fix some accidental regressions which slipped in with the MTD merge
    > Davide Libenzi:
    > o epoll race fix
    > Deepak Saxena:
    > o [ARM PATCH] 1537/1: big-endian support for do_div64
    > o [ARM PATCH] 1538/1: arch/arm/Makefile and KConfig Big-Endian
    > changes
    > Dominik Brodowski:
    > o [PCMCIA] Move socket_info_t
    > o [PCMCIA] Move get_socket_info_by_nr
    > o [PCMCIA] Remove socket_table
    > o [PCMCIA] True driver module locking
    > o [PCMCIA] split_init
    > o [PCMCIA] register
    > o [PCMCIA] Callbacks use pcmcia_socket not integer
    > o [PCMCIA] socket reference in client_t
    > o [PCMCIA] Replace more socket numbers with pcmcia_socket
    > o [PCMCIA] Make ds.c use pcmcia_socket->sock rather than local
    > version
    > o [PCMCIA] unify yenta.c and pci_socket.c
    > o [PCMCIA] Remove socket_info_t
    > o [PCMCIA] i82365 depends on ISA
    > o [PCMCIA] rename i82365.c socket_info_t
    > o [PCMCIA] Rename tcic.c socket_info_t
    > Douglas Gilbert:
    > o scsi_mid_low_api.txt in lk 2.5.69
    > o sg driver for lk 2.5.70
    > Eddie Williams:
    > o scsi: allow devices to restrict start on add
    > Edward Peng:
    > o [netdrvr sundance] fix flow control bug
    > o [netdrvr sundance] fix another flow control bug
    > Frank Cusack:
    > o nfs_unlink() problem fix
    > Geert Uytterhoeven:
    > o [NET]: asm/smp.h --> linux/smp.h in sch_ingress.c
    > Greg Kroah-Hartman:
    > o USB: fix up unusual_devs.h merge mess
    > o USB: remove some old references to /proc/bus/usb/drivers
    > o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030529215347|05329
    > o USB: add usb_find_device() function to USB core
    > o Root plug: remove USB bus walking functions, now use
    > usb_find_device()
    > o USB: added .owner to kobil_sct driver
    > o PCI: make pci_setup_device(), pci_alloc_primary_bus() and
    > pci_alloc_primary_bus_parented() static
    > o PCI: make pools_lock and pci_lock static
    > o ACPI PCI Hotplug: remove hand made pci_find_bus function
    > o IBM PCI hotplug: remove hand made pci_find_bus function
    > o IBM PCI hotplug: remove direct access of pci_devices variable
    > o PCI Hotplug: move drivers/hotplug/* to drivers/pci/hotplug/*
    > o PCI: Remove a lot of PCI core only functions from
    > include/linux/pci.h
    > o PCI: remove CONFIG_PROC_FS checks in .c files
    > o PCI: Move more functions out of include/linux/pci.h that don't need
    > to be there
    > o PCI: Grab reference count on pci_dev if the pci driver binds to the
    > device
    > o PCI: remove usage of pci_for_each_dev() in drivers
    > o PCI: finally remove pci_for_each_dev() now that all users of it are
    > gone
    > o PCI: remove usage of pci_for_each_dev() in arch/ppc64/kernel/pci.c
    > o PCI: remove direct access of pci_devices from
    > arch/m68k/atari/hades-pci.c
    > o PCI: remove direct access of pci_devices from
    > drivers/macintosh/via-pmu68k.c
    > o PCI: fix up previous fusion driver pci changes
    > o PCI: add pci_find_device_reverse() for users of
    > pci_find_each_dev_reverse() to use
    > o PCI: remove usage of pci_for_each_dev_reverse() in
    > o PCI: remove pci_for_each_dev_reverse() now that all users of it are
    > gone
    > o PCI: move pci_present() into drivers/pci/search.c
    > o PCI: remove EXPORT_SYMBOL(pci_devices)
    > o I2C: sync i2c-id.h with cvs version
    > o TTY: add a release function for tty_class devices
    > o TTY: release function should be set in the class, not the class_device
    > o PCI: add pci_find_next_bus() function to prevent people from
    > walking pci bus lists themselves
    > o PCI: remove pci_for_each_bus() usage from
    > arch/ia64/hp/common/sba_iommu.c
    > o PCI: remove pci_present(), pci_for_each_bus() and pci_bus_b() usage
    > o PCI: sparse fixups for drivers/pci/proc.c
    > o USB: fix problem found by sparse in usb.h
    > o USB: sparse fixups for drivers/usb/core/devices.c
    > o USB: sparse fixups for drivers/usb/core/inode.c
    > o USB: lots of sparse fixups for usbfs
    > o I2C: coding style updates for i2c-iop3xx driver
    > o I2C: fix some errors found by sparse in include/linux/i2c.h
    > o I2C: fix up sparse warnings in drivers/i2c/i2c-core.c
    > o I2C: fix up sparse warnings in the i2c-dev driver
    > Greg Ungerer:
    > o create m68knommu/coldfire specific ints.c
    > o remove common m68knommu ints.c
    > o don't compile m68knommu/kernel ints.c
    > o compile m68knommu/ColdFire ints.c
    > o fix calls to do_fork()
    > o remove obsolete BLKMEM driver reference
    > o cleanup is_in_rom() checker
    > o fix broken trace flag check in 68328 system call entry
    > o security init call support in linker script
    > o conditional ROMfs copy for ARNEWSH/5206 setup
    > o support BOOTPARAM's on m68knommu/5206 targets
    > o support BOOTPARAM's on m68knommu/5206e targets
    > o m68knommu/pilot startup copy init segment to RAM
    > Hartmut Wahl:
    > o USB: Patch for Samsung Digimax 410
    > Henning Meier-Geinitz:
    > o USB: new vendor/product ids for scanner driver
    > Herbert Xu:
    > o [IPSEC]: Order SPD using priority
    > o [NET]: Missing refcount bump in flow cache
    > o [XFRM]: u64 --> __u64 in linux/xfrm.h
    > o [XFRM_USER]: Fix xfrm_state_lookup args in xfrm_add_sa
    > o [XFRM_USER]: Rename confusing member of struct xfrm_usersa_id
    > o [XFRM]: Too many reference drops of delpol in xfrm_policy_insert
    > o Fix ide-mod unload crash
    > o [IPSEC]: Include linux/slab.h where necessary
    > o [XFRM_USER]: Allow del policy by id and get policy by selector
    > o [IPSEC]: Zap killed policies from the flow cache properly
    > o [IPSEC]: Fix preempt race in flow_flush_cache
    > o [IPSEC]: Kill object argument from flow_cache_flush
    > o [IPSEC]: Proper percpu handling in flow cache
    > o [IPSEC]: Initialize flow key properly in decode_session
    > Hideaki Yoshifuji:
    > o [IPV6]: Convert /proc/net/if_inet6 to seq_file
    > o [IPV6]: Fix order of destruction of procfs
    > o [IPV6]: Make procfs destructors return void
    > o [CRYPTO]: Fix compiler warnings in sha512.c
    > o [IPV6]: Fix possible idev leakage in icmp.c
    > o [IPV6]: Fix possible oops in ndisc_send_na
    > o [IPV6]: Clean up ip6_dst_alloc() calls
    > o [IPV6]: Always remove fragment header
    > o [IPV6]: Fix possible dst leakage in ndisc_send_redirect
    > o [IPV6]: Fix default router selection in some cases
    > o [IPV6]: Add ip6frag sysctls
    > o [NET]: Add ip-sysctl.txt entries for missing ip{,6}frag_* sysctls
    > o [IPV6]: Set dead flag on idev if snmp6_register_dev() fails
    > o [IPV6]: Fix several errors in udpv6_connect()
    > o [IPV6]: typo, unrequired #undef and bad operator precedence
    > o [netdrvr] C99 initializers for arcnet
    > o [IPV6]: dev_get_by_name("lo") --> dev_hold(&loopback_dev)
    > o [IPV6]: ipv6_addr_prefix() cleanup, eliminate duplication
    > o [NET]: Make neigh_parms setup/teardown handling symmetric
    > o [IPV6]: Fix payload length of reassembled packet
    > o [IPV6]: Use sizeof(struct frag_hdr) instead of magic value
    > Hirofumi Ogawa:
    > o Adds the large partition (> 128GB) support to FAT (1/5)
    > o Fix VFAT_IOCTL_READDIR_BOTH/_SHORT ioctl (2/5)
    > o Remove Documentation/filesystems/fat_cvf.txt (3/5)
    > o FAT cluster chain cache per superblock (4/5)
    > o FAT cluster chain cache per inode (5/5)
    > Hollis Blanchard:
    > o awe_wave.c user pointer dereference
    > Ian Molton:
    > o ARM26 architecture
    > Ivan Kokshaysky:
    > o alpha: compile warning fix
    > o alpha: fix panic on smp boot (fork_by_hand)
    > o alpha: typo in EISA bridge detection
    > o alpha: single-step breakpoints - updated fix
    > o PCI domains warning
    > James Bottomley:
    > o Fix up proc_info conversion in 53c700
    > o Fix while in spinup loop of sd
    > o SCSI: Make sysfs attributes mutable
    > o Use of the new attribute modifiers on the 53c700
    > o Fix up 53c700 compile
    > o scsi sysfs add attribute release function
    > o qla1280: convert the driver to be endian neutral
    > o qla1280: set the data direction correctly
    > o qla1280: convert the driver to the new SCSI error handler
    > o Fix __exit routine of NCR_D700
    > o fix character subsystem initialisation
    > James Morris:
    > o [CRYPTO]: Use "select" kconfig facility instead of fragile defaults
    > Jaroslav Kysela:
    > o Several ALSA updates
    > Jeff Garzik:
    > o [netdrvr eepro] update MODULE_AUTHOR per old-author request
    > o [netdrvr tlan] cleanup
    > o [netdrvr] s/init_etherdev/alloc_etherdev/ in code comments, in
    > 8139too and pci-skeleton drivers.
    > o [netdrvr 8139too] respond to "isn't this racy?" comment
    > o [netdrvr r8169] use alloc_etherdev, pci_disable_device
    > o [ROSE]: Kill kfree of net_device->name
    > o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20030529205634|46794
    > o [netdrvr] gcc 3.3 cleanups
    > o [netdrvr skge] add ULL modifier to 64-bit constant
    > o [netdrvr] add MAINTAINERS entry for atmel wireless driver
    > Jeff Wiedemeier:
    > o compile fix for agp_memory struct definitition change
    > Jens Axboe:
    > o remove buggy BUG_ON in ide-cd
    > o blk layer tag resize
    > o copy the tag_map
    > o ide-cd buglets
    > o scsi_ioctl HZ fixes
    > o ide-cd/scsi/block fixups for SG_IO
    > o kill old stuff
    > Jim Houston:
    > o preallocate signal queue resource - Posix timers
    > Joe Burks:
    > o USB: vicam.c patch
    > Joe Thornber:
    > o dm: Replace __HIGH() and __LOW() macros
    > o dm: signed/unsigned audit
    > o dm: new suspend/resume target methods
    > o dm: Lift dm_div_up()
    > o dm: Fix memory leak in dm_register_target()
    > o dm: Remove some debug messages
    > o dm: Remove an old FIXME
    > John Hawkes:
    > o 2.5.70 remove smp_send_reschedule() cruft
    > John Levon:
    > o OProfile: Export task->tgid in the buffer
    > o OProfile: update Changes
    > o OProfile: remove useless code
    > o OProfile: fix init / exit routine
    > Jon Grimm:
    > o [SCTP] Verify contents of SACK against underrun
    > o [SCTP] Use slab cache for sctp_chunk & sctp_bind_bucket
    > o [SCTP] Bug fix for bind_bucket leak & heartbeat error count
    > o [SCTP] Use non-prefetch list walker for short list
    > o [SCTP] CANT_STR_ASSOC could/should return error up to user.
    > (
    > o [SCTP] Multiple causes may be embedded in an ERROR chunk
    > (
    > o [SCTP] Don't use path thresholds determine the overall error thresh
    > o [SCTP] Let T5 timer affect SHUTDOWN-PENDING associations
    > o [SCTP] sctp_jitter() needs to protect against div by 0
    > o [SCTP] Various bakeoff fixes
    > o [SCTP] Fix double free of chunk along unexepected INIT path
    > o [SCTP] Incorrect WORD_ROUND on a network endian value
    > o [SCTP] Special case the handling of HOST_NAME_ADDRESS parm
    > o [SCTP] Hand merge bk pull conflict. sk->state now sk->sk_state
    > Justin T. Gibbs:
    > o Aic6xxx and Aic79xx Driver Update
    > o Bump aic79xx driver version to 1.3.9
    > Jörn Engel:
    > o zlib cleanup: remove FAR macro
    > o zlib cleanup: __32BIT__ and STDC
    > o zlib cleanup: ZEXTERN
    > o zlib cleanup: ZEXPORT
    > o zlib cleanup: z_off_t
    > o zlib cleanup: OF
    > o zlib cleanup: C++ workarounds
    > o zlib merge: turboc
    > o zlib merge: inffast.c
    > o Mark Compaq MAINTAINERS entries stale
    > o zlib cleanup: local
    > o zlib cleanup: Z_NULL removal
    > o zlib cleanup: unnecessary cast removal
    > o zlib merge: return code
    > o zlib merge: avoid 8-bit window errors
    > o zlib changes: memlevel
    > o Fix typo in comment
    > o adjust ppp to zlib change
    > Krishna Kumar:
    > o [NET]: Initialize sysctl_table to NULL in neigh_parms_alloc
    > Kurt Robideau:
    > o Rocketport driver against 2.5.70-bk7
    > o Rocket patch against 2.5.70-bk18
    > Linus Torvalds:
    > o Remove a few zero-sized files, as noted by David Gibson
    > o Make zlib_inflate look more like ANSI C code
    > o zlib cleanup: final fixups
    > o Remove half-deleted zero-sized sound file
    > o Quick response to de-listing the Compaq FC/RAID controllers from
    > the MAINTAINERS list. How they're HP, and maintained by Stephen
    > Cameron.
    > o Re-introduce debugging code in list handling, poisoning stale list
    > pointers to give us a nice oops if somebody is doing something bad.
    > o Fix __d_drop() to properly initialize the d_hash fields, so that
    > __d_drop() can safely be done multiple times on a dentry without
    > corrupting other hash entries.
    > o Don't make the source checker default path be quite so hackish.
    > o Avoid warning by using an inline function rather than a macro for
    > the default "pci_domain_nr()" definition. The inline function will
    > evaluate the argument.
    > o Make chr_dev_init() happen after PCI init, but before low-level
    > driver initializations
    > o Fix rcu list poisoning - since another CPU may be traversing the
    > list as we delete the entry, we can only poison the back pointer,
    > not the traversal pointer (rcu traversal only ever walks forward).
    > o Make d_move() be able to gracefully handle the case of the dentry
    > already being unhashed on entry.
    > o Remove strange and broken ACPI rule from serial Makefile
    > o Linux 2.5.71
    > Manfred Spraul:
    > o Prepare for page unmapper
    > Margit Schubert-While:
    > o I2C: add LM85 driver
    > Mark Haverkamp:
    > o megaraid driver fix for 2.5.70
    > Mark M. Hoffman:
    > o I2C: fix oops w83781d during rmmod
    > o I2C: more w83781d fixes
    > Martin Schlemmer:
    > o ethertap: fix struct sock cleanup leftover
    > Matt Domsch:
    > o dynids: use list_add_tail
    > o dynids: free dynids on driver unload
    > Matt Porter:
    > o PPC32: Fix a compile error on 4xx embedded PowerPC
    > o PPC32: Resolve colliding includes in boot wrappers
    > Matthew Dharm:
    > o USB: storage: abort and disconnect handling
    > o USB: storage: collapse one-use functions
    > o USB: usb-storage: fix typo
    > o USB: usb-storage: timeouts and aborts
    > o USB: usb-storage: usb_stor_control_msg() and stuff
    > o USB: usb-storage: change result codes
    > o USB: usb-storage: handle babble
    > o USB: usb-storage: re-organize probe/disconnect
    > o USB: usb-storage: remove dead code
    > Matthew Wilcox:
    > o PCI: domain support for sysfs
    > Mike Anderson:
    > o Call release on scsi legacy LLDD
    > Miles Bader:
    > o Remove some unneeded register saving on the v850
    > o Include <linux/fs.h> in arch/v850/kernel/rte_cb_leds.c
    > o Miscellaneous v850 whitespace and comment cleanups
    > o Handle new do_fork return value on v850
    > o Add __KERNEL__ guard to nb85e_cache.h on v850
    > o Add leading underline to new linker-script symbols on the v850
    > o Whitespace and comment cleanups for v850 entry.S
    > o Add v850 support for hardware single-step (via ptrace)
    > o Update irq.c on v850 to use irqreturn_t
    > o const-qualify memory arg in v850's __test_bit
    > Mitsuru Kanda:
    > o [IPV6]: Fix esp6 extension headers handling
    > Moritz Mühlenhoff:
    > o [CRYPTO]: Default CRYPTO and MD5 to y if IPV6_PRIVACY is enabled
    > Neil Brown:
    > o md: Export bio_split_pool for md to use
    > o md: Use new single page bio splitting for raid0 and linear
    > o md: Handle concurrent failure of two drives in raid5
    > o md: Improve test for which raid1 device doesn't need to be written
    > to
    > o md: Fix simple off-by-one error in md driver
    > o md: Get rid of vmalloc/vfree from raid0
    > o md: Always allow a half-built md array to be stopped
    > o md: Improve raid0 mapping code to simplify and reduce mem usage
    > o md: Remove dependancy on MD_SB_DISKS from multipath
    > o md: Remove dependancy on MD_SB_DISKS from raid5
    > o md: Remove dependancy on MD_SB_DISKS from raid0
    > o md: Remove MD_SB_DISKS limits from raid1
    > o md: Remove dependance on MD_SB_DISKS in linear personality
    > o md: Replace bdev_partition_name with calls to bdevname
    > o Fix raid5 bug where wrong 'dev' is used
    > o Fix raid1 handling of writing to multiple devices
    > o Fix up freeing of kmalloc structures
    > o Fix bug in /proc/mdstat
    > o md - Zero out some kmalloced space in md driver
    > Nicolas Pitre:
    > o [ARM PATCH] 1545/1: correct compiler flags for ARMv5TE/XScale
    > o [ARM PATCH] 1540/2: fixes for gcc-3.3
    > Olaf Hering:
    > o USB: incorrect ethtool -i driver name
    > Oliver Neukum:
    > o fix irq handling for DC395
    > o improve Documentation for DC395
    > o 01-debug-cleanup.patch
    > o major cleanup of the module code
    > o USB: allocate memory for reset earlier
    > o USB: return errors when disabling a port
    > o USB: cut usb_set_config from hpusbscsi
    > o USB: usb_set_configuration in empeg.c
    > o USB: kill a compiler warning in hpusbscsi
    > Patrick McHardy:
    > o [PPP] fix memory leak in ioctl error path
    > Patrick Mochel:
    > o drver model: Add release method for class devices
    > o sysfs: Fix binary file handling
    > o [driver model] Clean up CPU unregistration
    > o Driver Class: don't call put_device() when we never called
    > get_device()
    > o [driver model] Clean up class release handling
    > o [kobject] Update Documentation and licenses
    > o [driver model] Update copyrights and license statements
    > o [driver model] fix comment in device.h
    > o [fs] Remove kobject support for filesystems
    > o [kobject] Remove kobj_lock and use lockless refcounting
    > o [driver model] Add device_for_each_child iterator
    > o [kobject] Add warning + back trace if kobject_get() is called with
    > 0 refcount
    > o [driver model] Remove extraneous class device release method
    > o [driver model] Rewrite system device API
    > o [list.h] Add list_for_each_entry_reverse
    > o [kobject] Add set_kset_name
    > o [driver model] Make sure that system devices are handled specially
    > power-wise
    > o [driver model] Convert to new system device API
    > o [lapic] Convert to new system device API
    > o [i8259] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [nmi] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [timer] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [oprofile] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [x86-64 i8259] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [s390 xpram] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [driver model] Create include/linux/sysdev.h and define
    > sysdev_attribute
    > o [driver model] Make sure right header is used for cpu.c
    > o [memblk] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [numa nodes] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [driver model] Remove system device definitions from device.h
    > o [apic] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h
    > o [i8259] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h
    > o [nmi] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h
    > o [timer] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h
    > o [oprofile] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h
    > o [x86-64 i8259] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h
    > o [s390 xpram] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h
    > o [driver model] Add save() and restore() methods for system device
    > drivers
    > o [driver model] Don't Oops when registering global sysdev drivers
    > o [cpu] Use sysdev.h instead of device.h and export cpu_sysdev_class
    > o [mtrr] Add save()/restore() methods
    > o [cpufreq] Convert to use new system device API
    > o [sysfs] Get zeroed page for file read/write buffers
    > o hand merge
    > o [driver model] Actually implement sysdev_{create,remove}_file()
    > o [driver model] Compile fixes for NUMA
    > o [sa1100 irq] Convert to new system device API
    > o [driver model] Turn off debugging by defualt for device iterations
    > o [kobject] Don't specially order objects in lists based on parent
    > o [driver model] Make sure we walk lists on shutdown in right order
    > o [sysfs] Add __user tag to appropriate parameters
    > o [driver model] Remove extraneous get_device() from
    > class_device_add()
    > o [driver model] Make sure system device drivers are added if
    > registered late
    > Paul Fulghum:
    > o tty_register_driver
    > Paul Mackerras:
    > o PPC32: Fix preempt bugs identified by Milton Miller
    > o PPC32: Discard the __ksymtab* sections when we are linking the boot
    > wrapper
    > o PPC32: Re-open I/O windows on PCI-PCI bridges, needed for some
    > powermacs
    > o PPC32: Better handling of program check exceptions on 4xx, patch
    > from Kumar Gala
    > o PPC32: Simplify the BUG() implementation for now (a better one is
    > coming)
    > o get rid of CONFIG_ALL_PPC
    > o PPC32: Compile fix for array initialization from Christoph Hellwig
    > o PPC32: Cleanups from Christoph Hellwig and Tom Rini
    > o PPC32: Start adding __user to mark pointers from userspace
    > o PPC32: Fix irq_desc initialization
    > o PPC32: Fix various minor problems pointed out by Linus' check
    > program
    > o PPC32: Convert some K&R-style functions to ANSI-style. From Steven
    > Cole
    > o fix check warnings in drivers/macintosh
    > o Fix check warnings in PPP code
    > o Move BUG/BUG_ON/WARN_ON to asm headers
    > o [PPP]: Fix PPP Deflate sequence number checking
    > Paul Mundt:
    > o toplevel SH update
    > o Move SH board-specific code around
    > Pavel Roskin:
    > o Fix crash when unloading yenta_socket in Linux 2.5.69
    > o USB: name uninitialized in scanner.c
    > Peter Milne:
    > o [ARM PATCH] 1546/1: iop321 additional Hardware PMMR defines
    > o I2C: add New bus driver: XSCALE iop3xx
    > Petko Manolov:
    > o USB: pegasus patch
    > Petr Vandrovec:
    > o matroxfb update to new API
    > Randy Dunlap:
    > o [NET]: add RFC references for Linux SNMP MIBs
    > o [NET]: Typo corrections only
    > o [IPV6]: Add IPv6 routing table statistic: fib_discarded_routes
    > o [IPV6]: Fix spelling/typos
    > Reeja John:
    > o [netdrvr amd8111e] interrupt coalescing, libmii, bug fixes
    > o [netdrvr amd8111e] link against mii lib
    > René Scharfe:
    > o hugetlbfs: fix error reporting in case of invalid mount
    > o Some more stuff missed during the struct sock cleanup
    > Richard Henderson:
    > o [ALPHA] Add posix timer and clock syscalls
    > o [ALPHA] Add semtimedop syscall
    > o [ALPHA] Implement bcopy
    > o [ALPHA] Avoid warning in asm/unaligned.h
    > o [ALPHA] Fix missed __ex_table to conversion to pc-relative relocs
    > o [ALPHA] Streamline calls to __copy_user and __do_clear_user
    > o [ALPHA] Fixup fallout from force_successful_syscall_return change
    > Roland McGrath:
    > o User FIXMAP area simplification
    > Roman Zippel:
    > o Remove old code and macros
    > o Change P_ROOTMENU into a MENU_ROOT flag
    > o add new keywords to parser
    > o expression support
    > o reverse dependency support
    > o support for 'range'
    > o add more warnings
    > o front end updates
    > o create configuration in the destination directory
    > o update kconfig documentation
    > o choice handling fixes
    > o boolean symbol state fix
    > o ignore attempts to change unchangable symbols
    > Russell King:
    > o [ARM] Fix GCC3.3 build error
    > o [ARM] Remove old 26-bit ARM keyboard drivers
    > o [ARM] Declare mmu_gathers using DEFINE_PER_CPU
    > o [ARM] Fix more missing irqreturn_t and remove a static no_action
    > func
    > o [ARM] Move dma_alloc_coherent() to consistent.c
    > o [ARM] Convert platform devices to use platform_device
    > o [ARM] Tidy up Integrator core support
    > o [PCMCIA] Fix sa11xx_core.c oops when changing cpu frequency
    > o [PCMCIA] Convert sa11xx platforms to use new class code
    > o [PCMCIA] Update SA11xx PCMCIA support for recent changes
    > o [PCMCIA] sa11xx driver now takes pcmcia_socket instead of int
    > socket
    > Rusty Russell:
    > o kallsyms in proc
    > o Move cpu notifiers et al to cpu.h
    > o Fix module load failure case
    > o [NETFILTER]: Delete unnecessary skb_linearize() calls in
    > iptables_{filter,mangle}.c
    > o sched.c neatening and fixes
    > Sam Ravnborg:
    > o kbuild: [PATCH] Remove duplicate definitions in
    > o kbuild: Updated make help
    > o kbuild: Silence kbuild with make V=0
    > o kbuild: CROSS_COMPILE and ARCH definitions
    > o kbuild: Silence output with make 3.80
    > o kbuild: Utilise kbuild infrastructure for vsyscall
    > o kbuild: Nice output when generating PCI device list
    > o kbuild: Nice output when generating crc32 table
    > o docbook/kernel-api: include files updated
    > o docbook: Recognize sis900 functions
    > o docbook: Warn about missing parameter definitions
    > o docbook: Move definition of MODULENAME_SIZE
    > o kbuild: Kill use of do_cmd in drivers/char/Makefile
    > o kbuild/i386: Add missing dependency in kernel/Makefile
    > o kbuild: Enable modules to be build using the "make dir/" syntax
    > o be more flexible about creating library archives
    > o all archs: Replace O_TARGET with lib-y
    > o kbuild: Document newly added lib-y
    > o kbuild: kill do_cmd
    > Samuel Thibault:
    > o cpufreq: correct initialization on Intel Coppermines
    > o speedstep_detect_speed might not reenable interrupts
    > Scott Feldman:
    > o [netdrvr e100] move register_netdev below netdev struct init
    > o 10GbE ethtool support
    > o remove ethtool privileged references
    > Shmulik Hen:
    > o [netdrvr bonding] fix long failover in 802.3ad mode
    > o [netdrvr bonding] fix ABI version control problem
    > Simon Kelley:
    > o [netdrvr] add atmel[_cs], new wireless driver
    > Sridhar Samudrala:
    > o [SCTP] Support for socket options that pass both addr and associd
    > o [SCTP] Support for SCTP_GET_PEER_ADDR_INFO socket option
    > o [SCTP] Rename struct sctp_protocol as struct sctp_globals and
    > define macros for all the global fields in the structure.
    > o [SCTP] SCTP_SHUTDOWN_EVENT notification support
    > o [SCTP] /proc interface to display associations/endpoints
    > o [IPV6]: Allow ipv6 fragmentation via ip6_xmit() when ipfragok is
    > set
    > Stephen Hemminger:
    > o [BRIDGE]: Make delete bridge work with current unregister semantics
    > o [NET]: Sysfs netdev cleanup and bugfix
    > o [NET]: Kill deprecated if_port_text and users
    > o [NET]: Fix device unregister in TUN driver
    > o typo in new class_device_release
    > o sb1000 driver bugs
    > o [DECNET]: Fix build warnings
    > o [NET]: Fix sysfs kobj parent refcount handling
    > o [NET]: Cleanup net-sysfs show and change functions
    > o [NET]: Expose alloc_netdev() for use by drivers
    > o [BRIDGE]: Bridge using alloc_netdev
    > o [VLAN]: vlan network device using alloc_netdev
    > o [TUN]: tun using alloc_netdev
    > o [ACENIC]: Convert to alloc_etherdev
    > o [NET]: Dynamic allocation for dummy net device
    > o [IPV6]: Dynamic allocation for SIT net device
    > o [IPV4]: Dynamic allocation for IPIP net device
    > o [IPV4]: Dynamic allocation for IPGRE net device
    > o [NET]: More reasonable error handling in SLIP driver unload
    > Steve French:
    > o Make return code on failed cifs mounts more specific and fix
    > incorrect smb to posix return code conversions
    > o adjust for change of devname to const char (new mount format)
    > Steven Cole:
    > o Use '#ifdef' to test for CONFIG options
    > o K&R to ANSI C conversions for zlib
    > o Yet more K&R to ANSI C conversions
    > o More ANSI C cleanup of zlib
    > o [SPARC]: Fix non-ansi parameter lists
    > o Another final K&R to ANSI C cleanup of zlib
    > o Two more sources of "non-ANSI parameter list" warnings
    > o K&R to ANSI conversions for fs/jfs/jfs_dmap.c and jfs_xtree.c
    > Steven Whitehouse:
    > o [AX25]: Sanitize ax25 netdevice private handling
    > Thomas Osterried:
    > o [AX25]: AX.25 bug fixes
    > Thomas Schlichter:
    > o [NET]: One missed non-netdev SET_MODULE_OWNER case
    > o [NET]: IPSEC protocol module owner cleanup
    > Thomas Wahrenbruch:
    > o USB: kobil_sct.c added support for KAAN SIM Reader
    > Trond Myklebust:
    > o Fix udp_data_ready() to use the correct skbuff interface for
    > extracting the XID. Following the introduction of zero-copy under
    > UDP, the data may be entirely located in pages under
    > skb_shinfo(skb)->frags[].
    > Ville Nuorvala:
    > o [IPV6]: Add ip6ip6 tunnel driver
    > Zwane Mwaikambo:
    > o cli/sti cleanup for fmvj18x
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