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    SubjectRe: how to measure scheduler latency on powerpc? realfeel doesn't work due to /dev/rtc issues
    Richard B. Johnson wrote:
    > On Thu, 8 May 2003, William Lee Irwin III wrote:
    >>>>Why would you want to use an interrupt? Just count jiffies in sched.c

    I'm trying to get a feel for the maximum time from an interrupt coming in until
    the userspace handler gets notified. On intel you can program the hardware to
    generate interupts through /dev/rtc. The powerpc doesn't seem to support this.

    Jiffies are not accurate enough, I am expecting max latencies in the 1-2 ms range.

    > Does it have a printer port like the Intel machines?

    Unfortunately no. USB/Firewire/Ethernet on the desktop, ethernet/serial for

    I want to find an additional programmable interrupt source. It bites that cheap
    PCs have this, and the powerpc doesn't.


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