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    SubjectRe: The magical mystical changing ethernet interface order
    On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 08:24:16AM -0700, Randy.Dunlap wrote:
    > What version of 2.5?


    > There was a patch 17 days ago by Chuck Ebbert (merged by akpm) that
    > "fixed" PCI scan order in 2.5 to be same as 2.4. Comment in changelog
    > says "Russell King has acked this change."

    Yes, that affects the order of PCI devices on the global list when
    you have multiple PCI buses present. This machine has only one PCI
    bus, so is not affected by this issue.

    Note that I haven't been running 2.5 kernels on NetWinders until recently,
    so I couldn't say when it changed. A wild stab in the dark, I'd think
    maybe the init ordering changed:

    2.5.69 (

    c0023ba4 t __initcall_ne2k_pci_init
    c0023ba8 t __initcall_pcnet32_init_module
    c0023bac t __initcall_eepro100_init_module
    c0023bb0 t __initcall_tulip_init

    2.4.19 (

    c004ddd4 ? __initcall_tulip_init
    c004ddd8 ? __initcall_vortex_init
    c004dddc ? __initcall_ne2k_pci_init

    2.2.18 (drivers/net/Space.c):

    #ifdef CONFIG_NE2K_PCI
    {ne2k_pci_probe, 0},
    #ifdef CONFIG_PCNET32
    {pcnet32_probe, 0},
    #ifdef CONFIG_EEXPRESS_PRO100 /* Intel EtherExpress Pro/100 */
    {eepro100_probe, 0},
    #ifdef CONFIG_LANMEDIA /* Lanmedia must be before Tulip */
    {lmc_probe_fake, 0},
    #if defined(CONFIG_DEC_ELCP) || defined(CONFIG_DEC_ELCP_OLD)
    {tulip_probe, 0},

    Russell King ( The developer of ARM Linux

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