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Subject[ANNOUNCE] HFS+ driver

I'm proud to announce a complete new version of the HFS+ fs driver. This
work was made possible by Ardis Technologies ( It's
based on the driver by Brad Boyer (

The new driver now supports full read and write access. Perfomance has
improved a lot, the btrees are kept in the page cache with a hash on top
of this to speed up the access to the btree nodes.
I also added support for hard links and the resource fork is accessible
via <file>/rsrc.

This is a beta release. I tested this a lot, so I consider it quite safe
to use, but I can't give any guarantees at this time of course. There is
also still a bit to do (e.g. the block allocator needs a bit more work).

The driver can be downloaded from .
The README describes how to build the driver.

If something should go wrong, I also have patch for Apple's diskdev_cmds
(available from,
which ports newfs_hfs and fsck_hfs to Linux and fixes the endian problems.
The patch is at .
After applying the patch the tools can be built with 'make -f

bye, Roman

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