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SubjectRe: Using GPL'd Linux drivers with non-GPL, binary-only kernel
Jamie Lokier <> writes:

> So, as dynamic loading is ok between parts of Linux and binary-only
> code, that seems to imply we could build a totally different kind of
> binary-only kernel which was able to make use of all the Linux kernel
> modules.

If you build a kernel to run Linux drivers that seems to scream
derivative work to me.

> We could even modularise parts of the kernel which aren't
> modular now, so that we could take advantage of even more parts of Linux.
> What do you think?

At the very best support wise you would fall under the same category
as if you loaded a binary only driver.

On a very practical side you would suffer severe bitrot. As I have
seen no project that has attempted this being able to keep up with
the kernel API. Netkit, Mach and MILO are good examples of why not to
do this.

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