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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.4.21-rc1] vesafb with large memory
    > There is a problem with this, ...
    > If we calculate the exact memory like this, there wont be any
    > memory remapped to do double/tripple buffering...
    > So the question is: shoud one take the formula and add ' * 2' to
    > atleast get the double buffering supported...
    > (in the patch I made for mdk, I kept a modified override part so that
    > the user can change this, if he needs it....)

    Hello. I realize that there won't be enough memory for double/triple
    buffering using my patch. I even thought of doing the *2 thing, but
    decided against it. The idea I had is that more and more video cards are
    coming out with 128+ MB Ram, and that machines with >=1GB Ram are also
    becoming common, especially for gamers etc... Those users, I believe,
    are less likely to use vesafb for anything other than graphics boot
    splash and this just removes one little out-of-the-box problem many have
    been having. I thought it to be a safer default than attempting to
    ioremap the entire framebuffer. Just my thoughts,

    -Walt Holman

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