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SubjectRe: fcntl file locking and pthreads
> Mikhail Kruk wrote:
> > on 2.4 kernels fcntl-based file locking does not work with
> > clone-based threads as expected (by me): two threads of the same process
> > can acquire exclusive lock on a file at the same time.
> > flock()-based locks work as expected, i.e. only one thread can have an
> > exclusive lock at a time.
> Is this true even when _not_ setting CLONE_FILES?

CLONE_FILES is an argument to clone(), I'm using pthreads and I don't
know if LinuxThreads implementation of pthreads gives me control of
how clone is called. Anyway, if I understand what CLONE_FILES does,
it should be given to clone, because threads do have to be able to share file
descriptors, probably. But not the locks!

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