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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5 Documentation/CodingStyle ANSI C function declarations.
    On Fri, 2003-05-30 at 14:14, Jörn Engel wrote:
    > On Fri, 30 May 2003 13:57:13 -0600, Steven Cole wrote:
    > >
    > > Maybe the following should be unnecessary after all these years since
    > > the ANSI C standard was introduced, but several files associated with
    > > zlib were using the old-style function declaration.
    > >
    > > So, here is a proposed addition to CodingStyle, just to make it clear.
    > In the case of the zlib, just leave it as it is. The less changes we
    > make, to easier it is to merge upstream changes into the kernel.
    > Jörn

    Whoops, sorry. Linus started the old-style to new-style conversion in
    zlib_inflate a few days ago, and I've sent Linus several patches
    finishing the job in zlib_deflate and elsewhere. Some are already in
    the tree.


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